Bertha Cooper

Think About It: Malignant mobs

I have never thought that disorderly mobs were a good idea whether riots, protests or demonstrations of civil disobedience. Organized disorderly mobs are even worse.… Continue reading

Think About It: Hot topic

I’m pretty sure that Mother Nature doesn’t read my columns, but she might as well have given the coincidental happenings following my last column. First,… Continue reading

Think About It: Heating up?

I have believed for some years now that Greater Sequim is going to become the new California. Certain sea life seems to have the same… Continue reading

Think About It: Soup to nuts

Some columns just beg for follow up. Maybe. Chicken soup for the heart Such does the comfort of words and touch become important when we… Continue reading

Think About It: It’s just words

“Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Who said that and what were they smoking? My mother might have… Continue reading

Think About It: Dear Representative Kilmer …

Representative, I like it that you make yourself readily available to your constituents and that you are open with your answers. I came from the… Continue reading

Think About It: Our Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day and I write as if a mysterious time machine has thrust me backwards and forwards at the same time. The day… Continue reading

Think About It: Mistaken identity

Listen, can you hear it? The sound of ears shutting to any idea other than their own. Have you seen it? The silent picture of… Continue reading

Cooper: Frozen voices

The poem starts: “Small feet freeze In darkness, Snarled, twisted, resting Below my heart. Hidden hairy blackness, Limbs with webs crushing, Sickening me …” And… Continue reading

Cooper: Healthcare not that complicated

Healthcare will be complicated as long as our nation fails to place a value on our citizens and entitled others’ ability to receive the healthcare… Continue reading

Cooper: Democracy at its (insert word here)

One of the joys of being the grandmother of an adult granddaughter is the walks in which we exchange our views of life. As many… Continue reading

Cooper: As if it couldn’t get worse

Imagine being young, artistic, energetic, excited about life and the only thing stopping you was a condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). EDS manifests in the… Continue reading

Think About It: Mission or assembly line driven medicine?

A giant and unexpected revolution occurred in the delivery of medical care during the first years of this century. It’s not that it started then,… Continue reading

Cooper: Shock and awful

The Midwest farmer stood alone and spoke for himself. The farmer didn’t belong to a tribe or claim sacred lands. He didn’t carry a sign… Continue reading

Think About It: Capital idea!

“It would mean so much to my staff to have modern equipment,” responded Laurie Campen, food services director for the Sequim School District. “They want… Continue reading

Guest Column: School levy is the only sure thing unless …

Don’t move your eyes from this spot if you are as confused as I was about school funding. As much as you might like to,… Continue reading

Cooper: Testing the Constitution

Well over 200 years ago, a representative group of men from the 13 colonies formalized the Constitution of the United States of America. I can… Continue reading

Cooper: Art, or the deal of power?

Knock knock … knock knock … knock knock … “How frustrating!” the blue gazelle with rose-colored spots commiserated with herself. “Peace! Wake up, come out;… Continue reading

Cooper: Dredging up the past

At first glance it looked like a Mississippi paddle wheeler that beached itself on the river bank like a dying whale. On closer inspection, it… Continue reading

Cooper: Gut wrenching

I hope by the time this column is published, I will no longer have to double up on the daily probiotics I take. Seems the… Continue reading