Don C. Brunell

Brunell: Washington state has a lot riding on NAFTA

In 1993, President Bill Clinton was pictured holding a Washington apple while promoting the virtues of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). That photo… Continue reading

Brunell: Cop shootings, job stress increased last year

The number of police officers shot and killed last year rose dramatically. So did the number of assaults on cops and the stress under which… Continue reading

Brunell: Opportunities with the shift from oil

As 2017 approaches, it is fascinating to look back at the vast changes in our lives over the last century and then imagine where we… Continue reading

Brunell: Washington apples making comeback

This year’s good news is Washington apple production is the second best ever. The better news is shipments to Asian markets are returning to normal.… Continue reading

Brunell: A million wreaths across America

Christmas is a difficult time for anyone grieving for lost loved ones. It is especially painful for America’s military families whose son, daughter, spouse or… Continue reading

Brunell: Removing Snake River dams is unwise

There are dams that should come down and those that shouldn’t. Hopefully, as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers conducts its review of the 14… Continue reading

Brunell: Putting Americans back to work is job one

The message is clear. President-elect Donald Trump’s “Job One” is to put people back to work. Lack of jobs and employment opportunities exacerbated the plight… Continue reading