Emma Scher

Carbon fee back on the table for Washington state

Despite past voter rejection of similar proposals, Senate Transportation Committee chair Steve Hobbs rolled out a comprehensive funding package that would impose a carbon pollution… Continue reading


Legislators get wheelie serious about motorized scooters

Scooter and bike share services have gained traction across the country.


Washington state representatives stand up for Puerto Rico

Washington may become the fourth state to petition the federal government to integrate Puerto Rico into the United States, as a step toward becoming a… Continue reading


Ethical issues with facial recognition addressed by Legislature

House Bill 1654 will place restrictions on how state agencies can use technology for surveillance

Lawmakers seek to regulate homeless camps on church property

Law would prohibit local governments to ban church sponsored homeless camps hosted for six months

51st state movement highlights cultural divide in Washington state

Robert Brown is a resident of Stevens County in Eastern Washington, but he believes the policies coming out of Olympia don’t reflect what he values.… Continue reading