Jerry Cornfield

Cornfield: State lawmaking run amok

Washington voters amended the state constitution in 1979 in hopes of bringing discipline to a legislating process run amok. Sixty percent of them passed Senate… Continue reading

Guest Opinion: Does a state government shutdown sound familiar?

The process of shutting down state government is underway, again. At the direction of Gov. Jay Inslee, agency leaders are updating their contingency plans for… Continue reading

Cornfield: State legislators quite productive prior to special session

Not a whole lot is going on around the Capitol these days as the first not-so-special session reached the end of its third week. Negotiations… Continue reading

Cornfield: Plenty of blame to go around for Olympia’s late decisions

The countdown to special session is underway. Truthfully, it’s been going on for a while among those in the fraternity of lawmakers, lobbyists and legislative… Continue reading

Cornfield: Legislators leaning toward ‘not special’ session

As eight lawmakers arrived at a conference room early Wednesday (April 12) for another round of negotiations on public school funding, I welcomed them with… Continue reading

Cornfield: Debating the state’s death penalty stance

A vote, up or down, on abolishing the death penalty in Washington. That’s what Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson wanted on the legislation he… Continue reading

Cornfield: Olympia wrestles with footing the bill for education

This may surprise you but one thing legislative leaders and the governor agree on is that new taxes are needed to help cover the state’s… Continue reading

Cornfield: More than McCleary on Olympia’s education agenda

Maybe it’s the constitutional scrap incited by the McCleary school funding decision. Maybe it’s the constitutional commotion ignited by President Donald Trump’s travel ban executive… Continue reading

Cornfield: Legislators looking into property tax tweak for school funding

A bipartisan alliance of lawmakers wants to rewrite one of the state’s vaunted political commandments in order to restore a stream of dollars to schools… Continue reading

Cornfield: Washington state Dems look for new leadership this weekend

In his first week, President Donald Trump effected quite a bit of change in the climate and landscape of Washington state politics. His hiring of… Continue reading

Cornfield: Legislators have their hands full in 2017 session

Time is running out on the 2017 Legislature. As of Jan. 25, there are only 88 days remaining in the regular session, even fewer when… Continue reading

Cornfield: Only Washington state politics proved somewhat predictable in 2016

2016 wasn’t a very good year for many of the nation’s venerable pollsters and pundits as they got trumped by fake news and fiery tweets.… Continue reading

Cornfield: Dems jockey for top leadership spots

A fierce fight is underway for the top leadership post of the Washington State Democratic Party. Jaxon Ravens’ bid for re-election as chairman is in… Continue reading

Cornfield: Gov. Inslee takes on school funding plan

Officially, Gov. Jay Inslee’s second term doesn’t get underway for another month. Practically, it will begin this week when the Bainbridge Island Democrat is expected… Continue reading

Cornfield: Reboot of ‘Roadkill Caucus’?

Will the Roadkill Caucus be reborn in 2017? This is not idle conversation as the approaching legislative session could be epic in its length and… Continue reading