John Burbank

Guest Opinion: Time to focus on retirement options

Over the past four decades, while we as a country have been moving forward on racial justice and gender equality (note: “moving,” not “achieving”), we… Continue reading


Guest opinion: Paid family, medical leave brings peace of mind

Paid family and medical leave is now the law in our state. This great breakthrough will provide workers economic security in times where they need… Continue reading


Guest Opinion: State shows bipartisan efforts in family and medical leave act

Twenty-eight years ago, a freshman senator in the state Legislature, Patty Murray, dismissed as just a “mom in tennis shoes” but now the state’s senior… Continue reading


Guest Opinion: Every day is Interdependence Day

We recently celebrated the Fourth of July, when we celebrate American independence and the success of the colonists’ desire to be self-ruling. The United States… Continue reading

Guest opinion: Status quo leaves state schools searching for funding

As I write this (on June 14) it’s day 23 of a second special session in Olympia, since legislators couldn’t agree to a state budget… Continue reading

Guest opinion: Global learning starts at home

The clock is winding down on a second special session in Olympia and legislators haven’t yet made serious progress on their paramount duty to amply… Continue reading

Guest Opinion: Let climate care take root

My friend called me last week and invited me to the Climate March in Seattle. I decided not to go. Maybe I just had enough… Continue reading

Burbank: Where’s job loss from minimum wage hike?

Last November, voters overwhelmingly approved Initiative 1433 to increase the minimum wage and establish a statewide standard for paid sick days. Initiative 1433 raised the… Continue reading

Burbank: Electoral college needs tweaking

Our leaders always reference democracy with the Foundering Fathers of our country. That is not true. The founders had a much different vision of power… Continue reading