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_ Here are more of Sue Gellor's students' metaphor poems:


Honor is earth.

Spins out of control.

Heavy and light. It is soft and hard.

Honor is a metal.

Shining brightly in the sun.

Gives you pride and respect.

It is hard as stone.

Honor is gum.

It is sticky.

It is light as paper.

It is like glue.

Honor is a bouncy ball




- Tasha Carney


Love is an Ocean.

Like a shell.

It is blue.

There is fish swimming in it.

Love is music.

It has a rhythm.

It has a beat.

When played softly it is beautiful.

Love is a kite.

It soars.

It has a lot of colors.

It has a string.

Love is a book.

It has a beginning.

It can get worn out.

I can learn from reading it.

- Jeffery Robotkay


Love is a storm.

It thrashes you a round.

It rains and pours.

It cracks and booms.

Love is a blanket.

Full of warmth.

It holds you.

It's very soft.

Love is warm.

It can be hot.

Some times it's fiery.

It could be burning.

Love is hope.

It can be sad.

Sometimes it's mad.

Or it can be happy.

- Trey Mannor


Tami Wall's students write about running around the school track each morning:

When it's time to go to the track it makes me so excited. I run. I talk to friends. I love the track so much. I like to make goals. For example, I try to catch up to my friends Joey and Elizabeth. When I am stressed and it's time to go out to the track, I feel so much calmer. I love the track so much.

- Dylan Jensen

My class runs on the track every day and when I'm out there sometimes I walk and talk with my friends. They are Obed, Joey and David. Sometimes I run kind of fast and it gives me energy. It makes me stronger and it wakes me up sometimes. It is different from other schools. So my class is lucky to run the track

- Zac Baermann

When I run track I can talk to my friends. It helps me get fresh air so I can breathe when I run. We have track at 10:15 a.m. every morning. We get stronger when we run. I love track so much. When I run track it helps me get faster. When I look outside I see lots of birds. The sun on my back feels great. It's warm and nice. I hear birds tweeting.

I love the track so much. I wish we did it every year!

Track is awesome.

- Hailey Lynn Salinas Sanders

My class runs track every morning!

When I run around the track it helps me get stronger and it helps me think better when we get in for math. I enjoy running around the track because I get to talk with my friends like Elizabeth, Joey, Obed, David, Bailey and Dylan. Another reason why I like going around the track is because I just like to get a little break sometimes. The last reason why I like going around the track is I get to have fun!

- Dalton Brown

In Ms. Wall's class we get to run on the track. Well, it's more like talking with friends on the track. What I like about the track is it's like recess. I like to walk with Jasmine, Brinlee, Mariela, Kili, Caitlyn, Hailey S. (and) Hailey K. I also like racing people. It's a break from working all day.

- Elena Najera Torres

I exercise on the track. I jog with my friends. I pretend to be animals at the track and I talk with Jasmine, Hailey and Caitlyn. We all run together. And it is fun to run the track.

- Britney Bergmen

Every day our class runs the track. The track makes me run better. It gives me a clear mind when I come back into the classroom. It makes me think better. It made me run longer than I used to. It gives me a break from the classroom. I look forward to the track because I love to run. I run about three laps every day. I love being outside running on the track.

- Mariela Luster

My class likes to run the track every morning. When I run on the track it helps me get bad memories out of my head and things that I don't want to think of. The track is fun to run on because I get to talk to my friend Hailey and get to have fresh air. I like the track because I get to move and stretch my legs and it helps me stay healthy.

- Caitlyn McDonald

Here are the things I like about track. Well, I like talking with my friends. I also like the fact I get healthy. In the morning it wakes me up and makes me feel better. Sometimes I race with Joey, Dalton and Elizabeth. At home I don't always get the chance to get exercise. So I do it on the track. It also gets me focused. Like if I were going to do a math test next, I would be already focused. Track makes my heart beat faster. I like that because it feels funny on my hand.

- Jeni Allencastre

I like track because I clear everything out of my head and get calm. I also like running track so I can also talk to my friends about personal things and if we need to work something out, we try to work it out. I like to run with my friends. I also like the fresh air. I can also burn off energy and get in shape. I like to be outside.

- Faith Langdon

When I'm running the track I like to talk to my friends and laugh with my friends and I have fun. When I walk alone I don't' hear anything. Most of the time I talk with Ms. Wall. Usually I get energy out. When I run with Ms. Wall I get tired. That's a good thing.

- Bailey Gorr

I'm happy to be going around the track with my class and getting exercise with my class. I love going around the track with all of my friends and telling jokes while running. I think going around the track is really fun. Sometimes I think with my imagination and think about leprechauns in the grass.

- Kili Jeanmarie

My class gets to run the track every morning! I love running the track because it gives me exercise.

It's healthy for me and I can get fresh air. It is so fun! I can talk to friends and we go out at 10:30.

Also it's fun to race and hang out with friends. I like running around the track. I like to get my head empty and then get new thoughts. I think about my swimming and in my thoughts I feel like I'm swimming faster since I am on a swim team.

- Jasmine Itti

I like going on the track every morning!

It helps me exercise my body and gets me ready for the day, and gets me ready for math.

I like to run and try to do three laps around the track. It's fun to be outside with the class and have fun. It's fun to run and walk outside around the track on a sunny day! Sometimes I can see snowy mountains behind the clouds. It's fun going around the track!

- Brinlee Luster

Everyday at school my class and third-grade teacher Miss Wall run the track. We do this every morning at 10:20 except Mondays when it's late start. Then we run the track at 10:50.

When I run I feel relaxed and happy because I don't have to think about school and just sitting all the time. I get lots of fresh air and it gets my energy out.

I love running the track everyday. I get to talk to all my friends. Sometimes we race or just talk to each other. I usually talk with Dalton, Joey, Obed, Bailey and Dylan.

- Elizabeth Sweet

I love running the rack because it does this for me: It helps me get healthy, makes my legs get strong and I just have a lot of fun. I talk to my friends and it makes me feel great on the inside. I love running the track. Also it makes my heart go pump, pump, pump!

- Nick Kingsley

My class gets to run the track. It is the time to talk and walk and run and get fresh air and not work. It's fun to run track every day. I've lost weight since September.

- Shae Zentz

My whole class gets to run around the track every school day. I like it.

It helps me get exercise, get healthy, lose weight, feel the fresh air, talk to my friends, and finally get outside instead of always working. I enjoy the track. It's fun, too. It's fun to race. And I have run around the track in only 56 seconds. Another thing is I ran in a race with Dalton, Obed, Elizabeth, David and Dylan. We all had to run all the way around the track. Guess who won? I did! I got first place. Dalton got second, Obed got third, David got fourth, Dylan got fifth, and Elizabeth got sixth. I got really tired. I love running.

- Joey Oliver

My class gets to run the track every morning. It's really cool that we are the only ones that do track. The track helps me by making my legs strong. Since we don't have morning recess it helps to do this. And making me run faster every day. It makes me active because if you're just in class all the time it would be boring. I like the weather too. When it's sunny it feels good but if it rains we still go. And I like to walk and talk to my friends.

- Obed Lopez

When our class goes to the track we all run the track. Track makes me healthier because it makes my body get stronger and it makes me run faster and smarter. When I go to track I always talk to Obed and Dalton. It feels like we're playing tag instead of running.

When I run my brain is clear. My goal is to do seven laps around the whole track without stopping.

- David Calderon-Castro


First Teacher Happenings:

Wednesday, April 7 - Kids' Craft at 10:30 a.m.

Thursday, April 8 - Parent Connection group with Nicole Brewer at 10 a.m. Come meet other parents and talk about parenting topics while your children play together. For more information, contact Brewer at 461-9992.

Friday, April 9 - Tracy Rooke talks to moms about skin care at 10:30 a.m.

Monday, April 12 - Reading Time with Molly Christianson at 10:30 a.m. A fundraising meeting follows at 11 a.m.

Tuesday, April 13 - WIC (Women, Infants and Children) is set up in the First Teacher room from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. For more information about the WIC program, contact Pam Walker at 417-2275.

- Patsene Dashiell, First Teacher events coordinator


_ The Sequim High School solar power panel project is up and running on top of H building on campus as of Tuesday, March 16. Yes, we are making power and money! What a great day for all of us. You may monitor the project on the following Web site: The login is "" The password is "engtech."

We would like to recognize those who were involved and supported this project: Power Trip Energy Corp., Clallam County Public Utility District (PUD), and the Sequim School District maintenance and technology departments. Thank you for working so hard for us.

- William Seabolt, engineering technology instructor

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