In the dictionary freedom is expressed as the condition of being free. That's exactly what freedom means to me. The right of being able to do something without adult supervision and where they believe and trust you. It's getting the chance to do what you want to do. I feel free when I am with my friends and when I am with my friends outdoors. Freedom is a quality everyone should have or at least have one day to be free. That's what freedom means to me, what does it mean to you? - Vianey Cadenas

To me, freedom is not getting yelled at every day and being able to go to school. Freedom is being able to wear whatever you want. Freedom is being able to be whatever religion you want to be. Freedom is being able to eat what you want and drink what you want. Freedom is being able to live wherever you want and travel wherever you want. Freedom is being able to go to the park and play or just go outside.- Nic Baird

Freedom to me is allowing people to think for themselves, and letting them express themselves the way they want to. Being able to make your own decisions. and not having to change your mind or opinion over anything just because someone doesn't agree with you. Freedom to me is knowing I will grow up and be able to run and play soccer. Freedom is having great friends and no secrets. - Leslie Cisneros

Freedom to me is not being bossed around by rude people or being bossed around by the government to do something crazy. Freedom to me is also being able to do something of my own free will. I'm not trapped by someone. My freedom is being able to go places. I'm not locked in a room for the rest of my life, because I have freedom from that. That way, I can carry out all my dreams and hopes. I'm able to escape from being imprisoned by parents or hatred. I'm free to go from hatred. - Courtney Rapozo

There are so many different meanings of freedom to people. What freedom means to me is that I can do whatever I want without being afraid. I can wear what I want, act the way I want, tell people from right and wrong, say what I want, stand up for myself, be friends with who I want, eat what I want, dress the way I want, and be just myself. Freedom to me is being free and being able to do things without being told. I can make my own choices and be independent. - Tina Nguyen

Freedom is the right to make decisions on your own, but also the right that our government gives us. Without freedom we would not be able to go to the grocery store, or own a business. In some places simple freedom isn't even given, for example, Burma or Malaysia. Freedom can be revoked if the law is broken. It's a privilege not a guaranteed right. Freedom is anything that you're given the right to do. Some freedoms listed in the Constitution are the freedom of press, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and freedom of petition. - Michael Ervin

Freedom to me is to be able to do whatever I want. The United States of America has claimed its freedom from the British a long time ago. Now is about being safe and that's what freedom is. Being free is a privilege in some countries but in the United States we are granted freedom. Freedom means everything to me. - Chris Haney

What makes America so special from all of the other countries? Well, in America, we're free. It's funny to say that when there's laws but the laws are just to keep us safe. We have rights and choices given to us to express ourselves in appearance or speech. We can travel anywhere in the country. We are free to go to school and get an education. With the freedom we are given, there is justice and choice to be safe and happy. So, what is freedom? - Sabrina Cook

Freedom, in its perpetual subdefinitions and different contexts that confuse and incite again an endless amount of thought upon the matter. I could direct this essay down numerous different venues. Although the one topic in which I wish to further delve are the principles of a sort of psychological freedom. The basic principles of this psychological freedom is in watered down terms from Erich Fromm's views set forth in his novel "Escape From Freedom." It is really a sort of aftermath of the individualization processes that every human mind undergoes about four years into a physical existence, or a separation from mother and all existence to become a separate entity entirely. A freedom to say that 2+2=4, and that sanity lies with the truth, and not with the masses. So, if you are an individual, with rather obscure beliefs or passions, no one can talk you out of it, because you hold that as a truth in your existence. What does freedom mean to you? - Alex Holloway

What freedom means to me is the right to go to school, be our own person, go where we wish, and do as we please. Freedom is limited, it is an amazing sight, many people take it for granted. Many places in the world, children are not allowed to go to school, freedom is limited. The word freedom means "To be free," to be American, to be a citizen of a free land, to be your own person. My advice is don't take freedom for granted, admire your freedom, it's not very likely. - Heidi Stallman

There are so many meanings to people of freedom. But to me there are specific ones. Freedom to me is being free and being able to do whatever I want without being told. I can be independent and make my own choices, whether it is right or wrong. I can do want I want, I can speak my own words and stand up for myself. I can be friends with who I want, eat what I like, and most important is to just be my complete self without being afraid of what people think. - Victoria Munn

What exactly does freedom mean, it's not the same as liberty. Liberty is the choice, I have the liberty to go to school or stay up late. Freedom is me dong what I want. I have the freedom to travel or the freedom to do sports. America is a country of freedom, it allows us to do what we want. I am thankful to have freedom but freedom has consequences so make your choices right. That's a ample of what freedom is, it's a different meaning than liberty. Look it up in a dictionary or check online. - Shane Starks

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