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Students in Steven Boots' eighth-grade class wrote about new, creatively constructed sports they'd like to see. Here are some of their essays:

A sport that I made up would be called ball toss. This is a game that you try to toss a ball into a bucket. Every time you make the ball in the bucket you get one point. Whoever gets to 10 points first wins. The only items you would need to play this game would be one ball, one bucket and paper and pencil to write the data. This game is even more fun when there are more people to play with you. So enjoy the game of ball toss.

- Trista Winans

Everyone loves to play games and when people play games they tend to get competitive. When people get super-competitive they organize times to play regularly and eventually it gets called a sport. I would like to propose a new sport. Involving a baseball bat and a basketball and a hoop. First you hold the bat in one hand, your bad one, and then you have someone toss the basketball to you softly. You try to score into the basket. And every time you make a basket, you move back a couple feet and you see how far back you can get.

- Jake Lewis

It was a great game. There was no noise at all. None of the players were talking because it was so close. The game is called "Staying Still." You can't move at all. This game is really easy to learn but really hard to play because it's hard to stay still for a very long time. The best player for this sport is Fred. He is the best at staying still. I think everyone should try this sport because it is so fun. All you need is a seat and you can play.

- Alexis Serrano

On Sunday, June 13, Jimmy McNeal scored 23 home flies! Amazingly, he has managed to beat every paper plane run in the United States. Jimmy starts out at the port. He launches the paper plane SX500. It soars through the sky into a perfect loopty-

doop-swerve-kick-ninja. Jimmy Mc-Neal has done it again. The PPSX500 has landed right smack in the middle of target 5. The crowd goes wild. Wait, his plane is still down. It looks sort of smashed. Yep, engineers confer, the PPSX500 is out. Will it see another fly?

- Cami Himmelberger

Yesterday, in the sport of leaf drop, the record holding score was broken. Now, Bob Joe holds the highest score in the world, scoring 200 points in two minutes. In this sport, you have a single leaf which you must drop in a circle and pick it back up as fast as you can in two minutes. Bob Joe, resident of Sequim, holds the highest record in this new sport. Though simple as the sport may seem, many people have a difficult time with leaf drop. Everyone should try this great sport. Tune in next week for the latest in new sports.

- Matisen Anders

The sport is called tramposcore and the United States is having a competition. We are first place in the world. The goal is to roll a metal ball down a track and it bounces off a mini-trampoline and lands on a variety of scored targets. When the ball lands in the middle of a large target, you get 100 points, "like a bull's-eye" on darts. This sport is getting a lot more popular around the world. It is a great sport I thought of and I enjoy it also because I have skills.

- Henry Markham

The new 2010 sport is called Hot Air Balloon Softball. You have three or more hot air balloons and you toss the softball back and forth. The first team to drop the softball out of one of the air balloons loses. If you throw the ball too short, you get an out. If you throw the ball too far, you get a home run. Only two home runs per team.

- Brittany Z

Two teams played frizball this Saturday. In this game you have to pass the frizbee to your teammates and try to make it in the basket. In this game on Saturday, the blue and red team were playing each other. A red teammate passed it to another and the blue interfered and caught the frizbee. The blue team made their way to the other side of the court. They passed it to make the shot and a red teammate grabbed it. They passed it clear across the court to a red teammate and they caught it. They threw it into the basket and won the game.

- Victoria Munn

I was watching this game. I've never seen anything like it. They have to take a football and run around three bases, and try to score a basket before they get tagged. This game was invented by Mister Boots in 1776. Wow yay. It's a weird sport, though. I think all sports are fun, but this one seems kind of dangerous. That's why it's officially not allowed in any places. Only in your backyard.

- Kennedy Spencer

The sport is called sofketball. It's a mix between softball and basketball. You use a softball in one hand and a basketball in the other. The goal is to make the softball into a smaller hole and the basketball in the hoop at the same time. I'm a big basketball and softball person, so this game would suit me and other girls who play that sport. The first team to 100 points wins and it's running nonstop. It also involves tackling people. too. Sounds like fun at all? It does to me. Come and try this weird sport and have some fun.

- Alexas Besand

It was a sunny June day, the 12th to be exact, and energy was waning in the Carrie Blake Park for the community popular game, potato drop pop. The popular game takes focus, agility and strength. The directions of the game: you need a partner, you and your partner have cloth, glue, popsicle sticks and nails to create a contraption that can encase the potato to deliver it safely to the ground from 100 feet without the potato smashing into the ground. I have played it and it's lots of fun. July 10 is the next time it will be taking place so you should come down and try it.

- Isaac Boyd

This is Bobbi-Jo Terwilliger reporting from the Sequim School football field where the new sport haglablam is being played. This sport is one that requires a frisbee, two dogs and 12 players on a team. The dog can't be just any dog, it has to be a frisbee catching dog. One person throws a frisbee through the goal post to score 10 points. Whichever team's dog catches the frisbee scores two points and those are the only ways to score points. There are no rules because there are no rules. You may wear helmets and other safety gear.

- Bobbi-Jo Terwilliger

To play Guesstimate you simply go outside and find the biggest or smallest tree, plant, shrub, flower or patch of grass you can find. Then, as fast as you can, guesstimate how many leaves petals or blades of grass are in or on that tree, bush, flower, patch of grass, shrub or plant. It's fun to just imagine if you got the right number. And that, my friends, is how you play Guesstimate.

- Alex Seay

Grass whistling: we've all tried it, putting a blade of grass between your thumbs and blowing to make a loud whistle. What if this became a sport? There would be 2-5 teams at once. Each person has three blades of grass. Each team has three people. Whatever team makes the loudest, most complicated tune and whistles wins. The teams choose a routine to perform and each team performs once. You can easily practice by whetting your lips and getting some grass. It is not a competitive sport where there are cash and car prizes. It is just a fun sport to play on a hot day with the neighborhood kids.

- Emily Anderson

One sport I love is Pencil-stick. It's where you try to stick a pencil in the ceiling when the teacher looks away. How you win is whoever can get closest to the teacher is the winner. You must have at least two people and if you get seen then you LOSE! It sounds hard to stick it in but if you sharpen it (and) flick it up, it will stick.

- Eli Fazio

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