Letters to the Editor — Sequim Gazette, Dec. 14, 2016

Electoral College has a purpose

Regarding John Burbank’s guest opinion article on the “Electoral College needs tweaking” (Sequim Gazette, Dec. 7, page A-10): he should brush up on why the foundling fathers chose this method to chose the president of the United States.

Ben Franklin was asked after the Constitutional Convention in 1787, “What have we got: a republic or a monarchy?” His response was, “A republic if you can keep it.” No mention of democracy, as John Burbank’s letter states numerous times.

Shall we just allow the West and East Coast to choose who is to become president?

Read up on the Electoral College before you try to change what was intended by our enlightened forefathers. I believe they were inspired by our creator when the adopted our constitution.

Joyce Serra


President-elect has much to prove

Donald Trump assures us that he will be a president for all Americans. That sounds hopeful for our nation. But, given the long election process that we have witnessed, I do wonder why I would trust Donald Trump’s word for anything. He is a known liar, which he has displayed numerous times to the American people.

By actions already known, he has shown himself to be a man of sleazy business practices; stiffing his sub-contractors as well as some of his employees.

In his candidacy, he has fed the fires of the divisiveness that separate our nation’s people. It remains to be seen whether his administration will bring a healing calm to our people or whether the flames of discontent will be fanned and deepened.

Is Trump willing, or even capable, of filling the role of President or is he just the bragging, bullying rude and crude CEO that he has shown himself to be on the political trail? Time and hindsight will show our nation.

I neither voted for, nor supported Trump in the election, but he is to be our President. Obviously, I wish him well so that our nation will heal and grow.

It seems well to remember that America is a sovereign nation in a world of sovereign nations. Trump declares that he wants to “make America great again.” I’m not certain what he means by that phrase, nor am I pacified by it — for there have been times to which we should not return.

Dean Hodgson


Be safe with your lasers

Please be aware that chasing pet toys involving chasing a beam of light may be good exercise for your pet, but there’s a downside. If it’s a laser beam, it can cause radiation blindness.

There is a warning label in very small print and easy to miss.

Fran Pallari


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