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Thanks to a generous Sequim resident, Greywolf physical education teacher Doug Hastings was able to purchase a class set of light sabers. Now his students are tested in how strong they are in the force! Students try their best to follow a short aerobic fitness routine by following a “Jedi” and “Sith” workout.


Second-graders from teacher Aria Benner’s class wrote personal narratives about something they did over winter break.

“Went to Spokane”

By Finley Rapelje

During winter break, I went to Spokane with Mommy, Daddy, and Mason. We were on the road and then we stopped. There was a truck in the ditch. We had to wait one and a half hours! While we waited, we talked about the truck. When we passed the truck, it had gotten damaged a lot. Finally, we got to Grandma’s. The cousins Shania, Henley, Paton, and Harper were there. I love when they come over! On the third day me and my cousins went sledding in a clump of snow that the snowplow guy plowed. Then Grandma came out with Harper.

“Christmas at Home”

By Ethan Smith

On Christmas morning I woke up and my whole family came over. My whole family was waiting to open presents. I went outside so I wouldn’t get bored. I came inside and had some cocoa. Then we opened presents. Merry Christmas.

“Travel Adventure”

By Corbyn Alves

First we drove to Bainbridge Island. I rode the ferry with my mom and uncle to Seattle. Then we rode the train to the airport and got my MeMere. After that we rode the train back to the ferry and drove home. We had a family dinner.

“Christmas Eve”

By Dustin Flansburg

It was Christmas Eve. My brother, mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother, and I were at my mom’s house. My mom was cooking dinner. It took her 38 minutes. When she was doing that, I opened my early presents. Then we ate dinner. It was so good. It was pho. After that we opened our presents. Then we drank cocoa.

Susan Dufner’s second-grade class has been learning U.S. history of the 19th century. Students are learning why European Americans began moving into the frontier beyond the Mississippi, about Native Americans already living there and how they were affected, and the new ideas that came about during this period of westward expansion.

These diary entries were written by the students after reading a story about the Morgan family, who left Indiana for Oregon Territory in 1846.

5-5-1846 — Began our journey to Washington. I don’t want to go. I want to tie myself to the roof because I have to walk 14 miles a day and the younger kids get to go in the wagon. I want to ride in the wagon. It’s no fair!

5-8-1846 — I’m so tired. I had to finally take a break on the ferry across the Mississippi River. I fell off an ox and got a cut on my finger. It hurt.

9-9-1846 — I’m in the desert. I see lots of dust. I can’t see the oxen that are pulling the wagon. When we sleep we are covered with dust. It’s so dusty. I hope we don’t get a rash. I’m almost fully covered in sand. Some sand got in the wagon too.

Luna Manley

5-5-1846 — Began our journey to Oregon. I’m going to love it because we get to run in front of the wagon. Me and my sister and brother and my two dogs. My dogs are fast. It is going to be fun.

5-8-1846 — Today my dad shot a buffalo. We had the meat. I rode an ox and fell off and got a cut. I didn’t care that much. I kept running.

5-9-1848 — We came to Chimney Rock. We loved it. We passed it and went to Fort Laramie. We didn’t trade but it was OK with me.

Payton Butler

5-5-1848 It’s terrible because we’re leaving today. It’s terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible!

5-8-1848 One day Pa actually shot a buffalo and the oxen escaped. We ate the meat. It was good.

5-9-1848 Actually everything is better. I got better and I rode a horse and saw Chimney Rock. Then unfortunately it was bad again. It was a hailstorm. It tore the wagon cover.

Dominic Critchlow

5-5-1848 Began our journey to Washington. I think I would like to go. It will take a long time.

5-8-1848 Today my pa shot a buffalo. We ate the buffalo.

5-9-1848 Today we got loaded with some supplies. We’re headed to the river. A raft will carry us to Oregon City.

Tayshaun Williams


The Sequim High School Senior Class presents its comedy show “Be True to Your School” for one week only, starting Jan. 31.

The show parodies high school life in the 1960s and runs at 7 p.m. Jan. 31, and Feb. 1, 2, and 3, at the Sequim High School Auditorium, 601 N. Sequim Ave.

Tickets cost $5 for SHS seniors, $8 for ASB members, $10 students and senior citizens, $15 for general admission, and $25 for families.

For more information, call the Sequim High School office at 360-582-3600.

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