SHS Class of 2012 sets scholarship mark


Sequim Gazette staff

It was another banner year for Sequim High School graduates, as local, regional and national sources bestowed on the Class of 2012 more than $3.2 million in scholarships and academic awards, a new school record.

Here are Sequim High’s grad totals, by student name, school they plan to attend, and scholarship donor/amount:

Acosta, Andres: Peninsula College; $750/Tony Juliano Memorial Scholarship

Almaden, Brianna Grace: Whitworth University; $1,000/North Olympic Mustang Club; $22,000/Whitworth University Academic Scholarship; $28,600/Whitworth University Educational Grant

Ballard, Michael Franklin: University of Washington; $4,000/Virginia Nitterhouse Foundation; $1,000/William & Esther Littlejohn Foundation; $800/Clallam County Bar Association; $65,308/UW Husky Promise Scholarship

igipen Institute of Technology; $500/SSD John Wright Memorial; $750/Olympic Driftwood Sculptors; $1,000/Sequim Arts Scholarship; $1,150/WA State Elks Vocational Scholarship; $800/Readers Theatre Plus

Bekkevar, Megan Sarah: Washington State University; $750/Sandra Bailey Memorial Scholarship; $1,000/
Sequim Ladies of Elks; $1,000/Sequim Pioneer Association; $1,000/Sequim Lavender Growers Association; $500/WA Contract Loggers Association; $1,000/NOTAC Harriet Buchmann Memorial Scholarship;$1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge; $1,000/Siebens Family Trust Scholarship

Boots, Byron Donald Randall: University of Montana; $1,000/Bremerton Valley Scottish Rite; $2,000/WA State Elks Most Valuable Student Award; $3,000/Sunland Homeowners Association; $1,000/Dr. Gray C. Whaley Memorial Scholarship; $20,000/UM Davidson Honors Presidential Leadership; $46,000/University of Montana WUE Scholarship

Briones, Demiree Vinchenza: Green Mountain College; $500/SEF 0-43 Basketball Scholarship; $102,000/Green Mountain College Academic Award

Bryant, Blake William: University of Washington; $4,000/Virginia Nitterhouse Foundation; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge; $1,000/Washington Opportunity Scholarship

n Washington University; $500/Ben Merscher Memorial Scholarship; $4,000/Virginia Nitterhouse Foundation; $1,000/Soroptimist International of Sequim; $8,000/Albert Haller Foundation; $49,604/Western Washington University Grant

Calderon, Noe: Olympic College; $500/St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

Cameron, Daniel J.: Central Washington University; $500/Barbara Brightman Memorial Scholarship; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge; $750/St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

Campbell, Johnathon Norton: North Arizona University; $1,000/Sequim Pioneer Association; $1,500/Rhododendron Grange; $1,000/Olympic Ambulance Scholarship; $1,100/Gardiner Garden Club; $3,000/Jurckovich Foundation

Campbell, Tyler David: Boise State University; $1,000/McComb Gardens Scholarship; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge; $750/Tony Juliano Memorial Scholarship

Carpenter, Brendan Thomas: Central Washington University; $2,500/SSD Jewell & Dean Rowland Memorial; $500/Sequim Education Association; $1,400/St. Joseph’s Catholic Church; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

Carpenter, Patrick Michael: Central Washington University; $2,500/SSD Jewell & Dean Rowland Memorial; $2,500/CWU President’s Tuition Scholarship; $1,000/CWU Merit Housing Award; $1,400/St. Joseph’s Catholic Church; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

Carr, William Franklin: Washington State University; $12,000/WSU Access & Opportunity Award; $8,000/WSU Achievement Award; $1,000/William & Esther Littlejohn Foundation

Catelli, Frank Joseph: United States Air Force Academy; $455,000/USAF Academy

Chan, Katrina: University of Washington; $4,000/Virginia Nitterhouse Foundation; $1,000/Bremerton Valley Scottish Rite; $1,000/Soroptimist International of Sequim; $1,000/Sequim Ladies of Elks; $1,000/Fish - Rosales Scholarship; $500/Helen Haller Elementary PTO Scholarship; $400/Peninsula Tennis Club Scholarship; $59,844/University of Washington Scholarship

Charley, Claude Clayton: Central Washington University; $1,000/William & Esther Littlejohn Foundation; $550/Sequim Senior Activity Center Directors’ Award

Cibene, Parker: United States Army; $72,000/U.S. Army College Tuition Scholarship

Clement, Chelsie Linnea: Peninsula College; $500/VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post 4760; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

Cooper, Jacob Andrew: Colorado Mountain College; $500/Olympic Peninsula Footprinters Association; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge; $1,000/CCFD #3 Volunteers Dale Kruse Memorial

Creasey, Loretta Pauline: Austin College; $4,000/Virginia Nitterhouse Foundation; $1,500/Agnew Helpful Neighbors Club; $1,500/Sunrise Rotary Club; $700/Queen of Angels; $1,000/Soroptimist International of Sequim; $72,000/Austin College Dean’s Scholarship

DeFilippo, Jessica Antoinette: Central Washington University; $250/Millie Cugini Italian Lodge Scholarship; $1,400/St. Joseph’s Catholic Church; $3,000/Sunland Homeowners Association; $1,000/Sons of Italy Grand Lodge of the Northwest; $400/Ben and Myrtle Walkling Memorial; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

Dewey, Nathaniel Tyler: Peninsula College; $1,000/Sequim Schools Alumni Association; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

Dokken, Jaiden Marie: Occidental College; $2,500/Sequim Elks Most Valuable Student Award; $2,500/Charlotte Kirby Memorial Scholarship; $2,250/Sequim PEO Chapters EP, HM & FY; $250/SHS National Honor Society Scholarship; $1,000/AAUW Clallam Branch; $1,000/Soroptimist International of Sequim; $500/SEF Film Festival; $500/
Sequim Education Association; $161,688/Occidental College Scholarship

Doty, Sarah Halyna: University of Washington; $6,000/UW University Scholarship; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge; $1,000/Richard Meyers Spirit of the Band Scholarship; $1,000/Washington Opportunity Scholarship; $1,000/First Presbyterian Church of Port Angeles


Edwards, Bailey Marie: Le Cordon Bleu; $1,000/
Sequim Masonic Lodge

Estes, Hailey Nicole: Wake Forest University; $4,000/Virginia Nitterhouse Foundation; $4,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge; $1,500/
Sequim Pioneer Dance Arts

Evridge, Meredith Janel: Washington State University; $1,500/Agnew Helpful Neighbors Club

Feten, Kelsey Mariah: Western Washington University; $4,000/Agnew Helpful Neighbors Club; $700/Clallam County Bar Association; $300/Betty Heilman Memorial Scholarship; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

Forshaw, Tyler Daniel: MidAmerica Nazarene University; $900/Dungeness Greenskeepers Association; $48,000/MidAmerica Nazarene University Football Scholarship

Gaumond, Tyler: Not reported; $500/Primo Construction

Gehring, Brandon: United States Marine Corps; $106,000/U.S. Marine Corps Award

Gonzalez, Lorenzo Luis: Stanford University; $4,000/Virginia Nitterhouse Foundation; $500/Olympic Medical Center; $203,156/Stanford University Academic Scholarship

Grice, Katheryn Anne: Whitworth University; $500/Wave Broadband Scholarship; $1,000/Soroptimist International of Sequim; $22,000/Whitworth College Scholarship; $4,000/Whitworth UG Diversity Scholarship; $28,034/Whitworth Educational Grants


Grinnell, Mackenzie Frederick: Global College; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge; $500/Priscilla Brekka Native American Scholarship

Gunstone, Andrew David: Pacific Lutheran University; $300/Peninsula Tennis Club Scholarship; $700/Clallam County Bar Association; $76,000/PLU President’s Scholarship; $4,000/ PLU Alumni Scholarship

Gyori, Aloma Green: NW Christian University; $6,000/NW Christian University Academic Merit; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

Hagstrom, Mackenzie Elaine: Dominican University; $1,000/SSD Lorraine McDonald Memorial; $2,500/Charlotte Kirby Memorial Scholarship; $500/Womanfest Clara Carlson Scholarship; $1,500/Sunrise Rotary Club; $1,000/Port Angeles Eagles Auxiliary; $8,000/Albert Haller Foundation; $137,600/Dominican University of California


Haner, Marissa Blair: Peninsula College; $1,000/
Sequim Masonic Lodge; $1,625/Nurse-to-Nurse Scholarship; $750/Sequim Irrigation Royalty

Hanson, Stacy Leigh: University of Washington; $1,000/Bremerton Valley Scottish Rite; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge; $1,000/Washington State Opportunity Scholarship; $750/VFW Post 4760; $400/Peninsula Tennis Club Scholarship; $300/PEO Chapter JC; $1,000/Soroptimist International of Sequim

Harker, Matthew Scott: Washington State University; $4,000/Virginia Nitterhouse Foundation; $1,000/Bremerton Valley Scottish Rite; $16,000/WSU Regents Scholars Award; $20,000/WSU Access & Opportunity Award

Helm IV, Frank Henry: Brigham Young University — Idaho; $4,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

Henry, Reid Stuart: Western Washington University; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

Hill, Evan Jack: Washington State University; $4,000/Virginia Nitterhouse Foundation; $1,000/William & Esther Littlejohn Foundation; $500/SSD Rick Kaps Memorial Scholarship; $500/SEF 0-43 Basketball Scholarship; $500/SHS National Honor Society Scholarship; $16,000/WSU Silver Regents Scholars Award; $20,000/WSU Access & Opportunity Award; $14,156/WSU Institutional Grant

Hovis, Zachery Daniel: Evergreen State College; $4,000/Virginia Nitterhouse Foundation; $500/Helen Haller Elementary PTO Scholarship; $500/SEF Woodrow Ward Scholarship; $500/Sequim Choir Boosters; $2,500/Sunrise Rotary Club; $1,000/Sequim Prairie Garden Club; $1,100/Gardiner Garden Club; $2,500/Sequim Elks Most Valuable Student Award; $8,000/Albert Haller Foundation; $1,000/Sequim Ladies of Elks; $2,500/Ewing Kelly Scholarship; $1,000/Washington Opportunity Scholarship; $900/Evergreen Scholastic Achievement Award; $7,812/Evergreen State College Foundation Scholarship

Hudson, Jacob James: Boise State University; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge; $1,000/Dungeness Greenskeepers Association; $600/Marching Band Scholarship; $32,000/Boise State WUE Scholarship

Huls, Jeremy William: Washington State University; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

Huisman, Zack: United States Marine Corps; $106,000/U.S. Marine Corps Award

Iliff, Ayla L.: Cornish College of the Arts; $500/SSD Rick Kaps Memorial Scholarship; $500/Grand Olympics Chorus; $500/Dewey Ehling Vocal Music Scholarship; $500/Denise Graham Memorial Scholarship; $1,000/SEF Performing Arts Scholarship; $4,000/Monday Musicale Scholarship; $4,000/Cornish College Vocal Audition Scholarship


Johnson, Chelsea Janae: Colorado Mountain College; $2,500/Colorado Mountain College Freshman Scholarship

Johnson, Paige Elizabeth: Peninsula College; $500/VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post 4760

Kessinger, Autumn Lakota: Palomar College; $1,100/Gardiner Garden Club;
$1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

Lam, Waylon James: University of Washington;  $2,000/Elks Albert & Ramona Roush Memorial; $1,000/Washington Opportunity Scholarship; $1,000/Sequim Senior Activity Center; $1,000/Sequim Kiwanis Club; $3,000/Sunland Homeowner’s Association; $2,000/Buick Achievers Scholarship; $47,844/UW Undergrad University Award; $500/Sons of Norway Olympic Lodge #37; $500/SEF Halloran Scholarship; $300/Peninsula Tennis Club Scholarship

Landreth, James W.H.: Vassar College; $500/Trinity United Methodist Scholarship; $231,240/Vassar College Scholarship

Laurie, Stephanie Soriano: Whitworth University; $4,000/Virginia Nitterhouse Foundation; $1,000/Sequim Senior Activity Center; $1,000/William & Esther Littlejohn Foundation; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

Lewis, Theodore Skyler: Northwest Lineman College; $500/SSD Lyons Vocational Scholarship; $1,000/Ryan Jarmuth Memorial Scholarship; $750/SEF Film Festival; $1,000/Sequim Elks Vocational Award; $1,000/Sequim Ladies of Elks Vocational Award; $2,000/WA State Elks Vocational Scholarship; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

Marble, Sarah Louise: Santa Clara University; $4,000/Virginia Nitterhouse Foundation; $1,000/Dungeness Greenskeepers Association; $400/SHS National Honor Society Scholarship; $46,000/Santa Clara University Grant

Martin, Kyla Kay: Peninsula College; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

McColl, Theodore Daniel R.: University of Washington - Bothell; $750/SEF Film Festival; $600/St. Luke’s Episcopal Church; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

McCready, Patrick Michael: Peninsula College; $1,000/Sequim Auto Clinic; $500/St. Joseph’s Catholic Church; $500/Wave Broadband Scholarship; $1,000/Sequim Ladies of Elks Vocational Award; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

McElrath, Joshua James: Central Washington University; $750/VFW Post 4760; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

McHugh, Mitch Nelson: Eastern Washington University; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

McFarland, Emily Michelle: Utah Valley University; $1,100/Gardiner Garden Club; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

McLaughlin, Zachary: Peninsula College; $1,000/SEF Engineering Challenge Scholarship

Nace, Nikki: University of Wyoming; $26,000/Rocky Mountain Scholar Award

Nelson, Alexi: Central Washington University; $1,050/CWU Freshman Scholar Award; $1,000/William & Esther Littlejohn Foundation; $500/Kathleen & Phil Langston Senior Scholarship; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge


Norman, Calli Renae: University of Montana; $8,000/Albert Haller Foundation; $1,000/William & Esther Littlejohn Foundation; $16,000/University of Montana Leadership Award

O’Neil, Quinn Marie: University of Hawaii — Manoa; $4,000/Virginia Nitterhouse Foundation; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge; $46,528/University of Hawaii WUE Tuition Scholarship

Pace, Michael Alan: Washington State University; $8,000/WSU Achievement Award; $60,000/AF ROTC; $750/Tony Juliano Memorial Scholarship

Phifer, Kristen Marie: Peninsula College; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

Pinza, Ryan Joseph: Gonzaga University; $20,000/Gonzaga University Academic Scholarship; $3,200/Gonzaga University Grant; $1,000/William & Esther Littlejohn Foundation

Ramirez, Nicholas Glenn: Western Washington University; $500/SSD Jeff Caterina Memorial; $13,000/Sequim Walmart Dependent Scholarship; $1,100 Gardiner Garden Club

Ridgway, Mckenna Danielle: Peninsula College; $500/Olympic Medical Center; $500/SEF Alternative Learning Scholarship; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge; $1,200/Sequim Rhododendron Grange

Rookard, Bailey Marie: Peninsula College; $500/VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post 4760

Sanschagrin, Jacqueline Allen: Peninsula College; $800/Readers Theatre Plus; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

Santjer, Marissa Ruby: Peninsula College; $1,625/Nurse-to-Nurse Scholarship

Seabolt, Nicholas Aaron: Perry Technical Institute; $1,000/Sequim Elks Vocational Award

Shore, Elizabeth Melodie: Central Washington University; $500/Kathleen & Phil Langston Senior Scholarship

Sisneros, Casey: Peninsula College; $250/Sequim Choir Boosters

Spray, Sarah Ann Marie: Peninsula College; $750/SSD Jewel & Dean Rowland Memorial; $500/Wave Broadband Scholarship; $1,000/Sequim Kiwanis Club


Steichen, Lane William: Gonzaga University; $4,000/Virginia Nitterhouse Foundation; $750/St. Joseph’s Catholic Church; $1,000/William & Esther Littlejohn Foundation $52,000/Gonzaga University Regents Scholarship; $23,920/Gonzaga University Educational Grant

Steichen, Lorah Elizabeth: Whitman College; $4,000/Virginia Nitterhouse Foundation; $500/St. Joseph’s Catholic Church; $1,000/William & Esther Littlejohn Foundation $250/SHS National Honor Society Scholarship; $500/Sequim School Board Student Rep. Award; $750/VFW Post 4760; $80,200/Whitman College Scholarship; $28,000/Pearson Achievement Scholarship

Stoffer, Sarah Jean: Hawaii Pacific University; $500/Trinity United Methodist Scholarship; $1,000/Dungeness Greenskeepers Association; $90,000/Post 9/11 GI Bill Dependent Scholarship; $40,000/HPU Yellow Ribbon Scholarship; $1,000/Sequim Choir Boosters

Torres, Casey Michael: Washington State University; $12,000/WSU Access & Opportunity Award; $8,000/WSU Achievement Award; $8,000/WSU College of Engineering Scholarship; $31,332/Cougar Commitment and Institution Grants; $3,000/Sunland Homeowner’s Association; $1,000/Washington State Opportunity Scholarship; $600/SHS National Honor Society Scholarship

Vereide, Brittany: Northwest University; $8,000/NU Gold Academic Scholarship; $5,298/NU Success Scholarship

Wake, Karsten Kendal: Boise State University; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

Willis, Taylor Rose: Brigham Young University; $1,000/Sequim Masonic Lodge

Winfield, Kinzie Michelle: Gene Juarez Academy; $1,000/Soroptimist International of Sequim; $1,000/Imagine America Scholarship; $500/Tony Juliano Memorial Vocational Scholarship 

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