Letters to the Editor: July 18-24


Say 'no' to tax

A reminder to vote NO on the Police Tax.

The reasons:

Fact — The money is really needed to start the "12- to 14-million dollar current city hall to a new Sequim Civic Center."(Sequim Gazette, June 13) 

Fact — The smoke and mirrors council has changed the name to make it more police-oriented from "City Hall to police station and Emergency Operations Center. (Sequim Gazette July 5) can't even decide on a name, and now their ploy is to not mention City Hall at all.

Fact — According to their own figures you're already paying $200,000 per year for rented facilities i.e. Police Station and city hall space, it's your tax dollars that are paying and at that rate it's only $1 million dollars for five years.

Fact — A Police Station is needed but if they take the additional time, employment should improve, your income should improve and they have the time to combine BOTH projects into one without the burden of an additional never-ending tax.

It's your money! 

Fact — It's my opinion.

Bob Lampert

About civility 

Have you ever sat on a wooden bench and noticed someone’s initials cut in it? And if you returned a month later, you probably found many more artistic cuts. The theory goes: that the other "carvers" had taken up the desecration because they believed there would be no consequences. Everyone else did it — so it had become acceptable.

Now with our President running for a second term in 2012, let's apply this same "carvers" attitude to politics. Let's use the same kind of uncivilized name-calling as an example of Democrats and Republicans using the media to carve each other up.

When these politicians wield the knife of verbal incivility, we sometimes find others taking this as an invitation to join in; and then soon, there is no limit (and no cost) for the use of disrespectful words. 

Thus people tend to avoid those persons, chat rooms or media that spew such malice, wanting to opt out of the hostile atmosphere. 

This drives away citizens of honest intent while encouraging those who trade in mockery. 

Behavior of this kind can be ignored by calling it "human nature," but the danger is: it does not allow our free, self-governing society an open exchange of ideas — a civility — that listens and respects each other's opinions and viewpoints.

Travis Williams

Melly for Superior Court

Given the many candidates for Superior Court judge, I want to give my two cents. I only know one of the candidates, Chris Melly. I know him because he serves on the Serenity House Board. 

I have become very impressed with his commitment on homeless issues and his ability to analyze issues and deliver sensible wisdom on issues that come before the board.

The Clallam Bar Association survey confirmed this observation and I encourage you to vote for Chris Melly.

Scott Schaefer

Young for congress

Jesse Young (R) is who we support as the District 6 candidate for Congress.
Jesse is true, honest, and a good family man who understands the many needs of our district.

From Agenda 21 to the Wildlands fiasco, Jesse understands and will support our stand against the ploys of the hyper-environmentalists.

DOE's (Department of Ecology) attack on our water and private property rights is a huge concern and Jesse will stand for us, as well. He understands fiscal responsibility and the free market, economy and need for jobs, peace through strength and energy independence.

Education is a priority of Jesse. He has a wife and five children and is concerned for their future, as well.

He believes in patient-centered health care.

Please join us and vote for Jesse Young.

Lois and Dan Perry

Holiday for commissioner

Seldom do we have such a qualified, educated and dedicated choice for public office as we have in Dr. Dale Holiday, running for Clallam County Commissioner.

She is a fiscal conservative and forward-thinking planner, having successful experience in land development/planning projects at all levels. 

Her BA in psychology and sociology helps her to organize and engage people for focused success. Her master's and Ph.D. (from U.W.) in community planning (including Impacts of Ecotourism) give her the tools to take us into a beneficial future for everyone.

Her experience includes the honor of being invited by the nation of Bhutan (with their concept of Gross National Happiness) to assist their engineers with strategic long-range planning for their rapidly growing and changing urban areas.

If you are not already convinced, please go to her website, Votedale2012.com, to see more of her qualifications and check out other letters to the editor (under Press) to see how well thought of she is in Clallam County.

She is the right person at the right time for Clallam County Commissioner … Vote Dale.

Cathe Muller

‘Crummond’ quite a crack-up 

My wife Jolie and I along with several neighborhood friends were treated to an outstanding comedy performance at the OTA playhouse Saturday evening.

I cannot remember laughing so hard and so frequently, ever, during a play. "Bullshot Crummond" pulled out all stops for almost constant laughter.

The actors, direction and set design were superb. If the Olympic Theatre Arts board of directors were to choose one play to perform annually, this one and this cast, if it were at all possible, should be chosen.

Thank you, OTA, for the gift of a fun night.

George Will

Writer part of problem?

With reference to "Population growth at root of planet's problem" (Letters to the Editor, Sequim Gazette, July 11, page A-11):

It has most likely not occurred to the writer that because of his very existence he is part of the problem he writes about. 

He posits a solution which begs the question; if given a choice, would he elect to be one of the aborted?

Ethan Harris

U.S. poised for downfall

Our country is slowly, but surely, drifting away from the principles on which it was founded.

Let's look at a few examples:

1) Rob McKenna, a Republican gubernatorial candidate, recently stated he is in favor of allowing gays to join the Boy Scouts, including their adult Scout leaders.

2) The Pentagon recently authorized our military, WHILE IN UNIFORM, to march in gay parades.

3) Our President recently stated there is nothing wrong with men marrying men and women marrying women.

4) A male U.S. Congressman recently married another man.

We seem to have forgotten history. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? God destroyed both cities because of their wickedness and homosexuality. 

Remember the Northern Kingdom of Israel circa 900-722 B.C.? During this time frame the Northern Kingdom had 19 kings. Every one of them, without exception, led their people into sin, into the path of iniquity, into idolatry and into homosexuality. Finally, in 722 B.C., God sent the armies of Assyria into the Northern Kingdom and utterly destroyed it.

The Bible makes it clear that everyone carrying a national leadership responsibility has a responsibility to lead the nation to Godly righteousness and not down the path of iniquity. 

From the president of the United States, all the way through the halls of Congress, all the way down to the alderman in little towns and country villages — every man and woman in public office carries a commission from Almighty God to lead the nation in the path of righteousness. 

When our leaders do not do it and we follow them into the path of sin, the same thing will happen to us that happened to the Northern Kingdom.

We desperately need to return to the principles on which our nation was founded. The Holy Bible clearly states it is an "Abomination to God for a man to lie with a man." 

I fear that God will not allow us to continue in our present direction.

Jim Ellis

Bachman’s motive is clear

This will be short, but not so sweet. Little more deserves our attention.
Most pundits, and the media, seem to agree that Congresswoman and former presidential contender Michele Bachman has stepped into political quicksand.

Just the opposite, I think.

Right now, most are concentrating on her outrageous claims and the defending forced upon her targets. Little attention is being paid to her motive. 

I believe she is seeking support from conservative organizations and electorate, believing that will influence Mitt Romney to pick her for his vice president. Ask Mitt.

Louis Hamlin
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