Letters To The Editor — Aug. 16, 2017

  • Wednesday, August 16, 2017 1:30am
  • Opinion

The goodness of people

My faith in the goodness of people was renewed yesterday (Aug. 9). After a few days trip to the La Push area, we stopped briefly in Port Angeles. We didn’t realize that one of our packs fell out of the back end of the car while we were there. I had my name, address and phone number on the bag.

I received a voice mail from a man named Brian who found the pack. We were able to connect in Port Angeles to retrieve it from him. He was willing to take it to my address in Sequim.

Brian, my heartfelt thanks to you for your kindness!

Susan Hamman


Young pilots program a real winner

Many thanks to the pilots who brought big smiles to lots of kids at the Young Eagles Rally on Aug. 12.

The pilots taught by example that flying was exciting and needed to be taken seriously. We could see kids were listening attentively to everything the pilots had to say and more than one caught “the bug” after their flight.

My granddaughter will always remember her helicopter ride to the Strait: “Every time we turned, I was looking straight down at the ground!”

Sue Dryden


State of nation ‘deplorable’

In response to “No minorities in foxholes — only soldiers “(Letters to the Editor, Sequim Gazette, July 26, 2017):

A preliminary remark: That title is my point entirely.

Though I disagree with how it was done, I’m going to open this letter by congratulating our President on a rare victory of common sense over political correctness with his decision to bar open transsexuals from serving in the United States armed forces. In naval parlance, Bravo Zulu Mr. President.

I realize that this remark will provide an opportunity for the writer to again use the pejorative adjectives misogynistic and homophobic, the use of which brands him a modern progressive liberal because the liberal vocabulary is limited to such words. Incidentally, in liberal thinking disagreeing with their ideology and the word “hatred” mean exactly the same thing.

“An octogenarian longing for the days of yesteryear,” Damn straight! — when our culture was based upon God-respecting decency instead of self-serving sloth. All centenarians, nonagenarians and a goodly portion of we octogenarians are members of what has been referred to as the “Greatest Generation” — we did not earn that sobriquet by doing nothing when duty called, indeed that alone gives us the right to comment on the present deplorable state of our national culture.

The writer cites the historical contributions of some chosen homosexuals in an attempt to justify replacing defending the country and its citizens as the duty of our military, with it exists for the express purpose of serving as a gigantic social engineering experiment.

In two responses to my letters the writer seems to extract some perverse pleasure out of dwelling upon perceived national evils of the past. He conveniently and completely ignores their historical context. Judging historical events by present day beliefs is an exercise in utter futility frequently carried out by liberals whose own history cannot be lauded.

Modern Progressive Liberalism and its attendant abomination, political correctness, are responsible for every evil besetting our society currently and historically.

A reminder to the writer, your ideology championed slavery, the Jim Crow and segregation laws were acts of Democratic legislatures carried out by Democratic governors. Also, your ideology reveres Margaret Sanger, the originator of eugenics and the founder of Planned Parenthood.

I could continue but this rebuttal is long enough and I don’t want to cause sleepiness among the Gazette’s letter readers.

Ethan Harris


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