Letters to the Editor — Aug. 23, 2017

  • Wednesday, August 23, 2017 1:30am
  • Opinion

Nothing beats local service

I’ve lived in Sequim almost 20 years. I’ve watched it grow like you. I appreciate Home Depot and Walmart.

But when you need help you should buy local. Here’s why:

We replaced all our appliances this year. We bought local at Sears. Bob and Ann Marie and their staff are outstanding. On July 15 our new washer quit. Sears showed up the next day! Then the problems started. The washer needed more than $600 in parts. Two weeks until they could repair the washer. We bought the warranty, thank the Lord. After two weeks I was informed the parts were unavailable and we were getting a new washer. Then I called and asked when. In five to seven days we’d get a call. Frustrating!

I drove down to see Bob at Sears. My new washer is coming tomorrow. Bob said, “You’ve been patient long enough.” I asked how much do I have to pay? He said, “Nothing. I’ll deal with Sears.” Now that’s service!

That’s why you buy local. The same service is true of the Clallam Co-Op, Eric’s RV, Everwarm Hearth, Evergreen Collision and Towing, Wilder Auto Center, Ruddell Auto and many more local stores.

All these people have taken care of us for 20 years. They are happy to see you, are willing to listen and are knowledgeable. They even know my name.

Tom Everett


Preconceptions toward Trump

In the wake of the outrage in Charlottesville the President could have read a statement penned by a writer with the New York Times and it still would have been wrong in the eyes of his manifest enemies who are bent upon destroying a President duly elected by we Americans.

We did not elect a quitter.

Ethan Harris


Thanks from the grange

The Sequim Prairie Grange would like to thank all the folks who helped to make our ice cream socials a big success this summer: The bananas donated from Sunny Farms, the banana boats donated from Dairy Queen and the many hours donated by our volunteers. Also my very special crew that worked all three events, gathered together by my partner Loretta Bilow and of course, all of you that attended. We greatly appreciate you. Sincerely,

Marie Paddock


Rodeo banter doesn’t represent whole county fair

I have been to the Clallam County Fair multiple times in the past and always enjoyed the fair. For the first time, I attended the rodeo on Aug. 20.

As the rodeo begins, the announcer gives a rousing speech about God, morals and respect for a country’s flag, lambasting certain NFL players who refused to stand for the American flag.

Within five minutes of this speech, there was a “joke” comparing baptizing a baby and water boarding a baby from the rodeo clown. As the Canadian flag was presented only eight to 10 people out of the hundreds there stood showing respect for Canadians and their flag. I overheard a woman behind me tell her husband, “I wonder if this is part of the reason why most of the world hates the United States.”

So I ask, what does this say about American morality and respect?

I will leave that for the readers to ponder. I know what I and the woman behind me were thinking. This is not to be taken in any way as a condemnation of the Clallam County Fair or the rodeo!

Kudos to all the hard work from participants and volunteers! I will be back again next year!

Lewis Bennett

Port Angeles

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