Letters to the Editor — Aug. 30, 2017

  • Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:30am
  • Opinion

We did it the ‘Sequim way’

“Sequim Prairie Nights” was a huge success!

That was due to the hard work and contributions of everyone who supported the Sequim Museum’s car show and cruise. The phrase, “This is the Sequim way” was proven to be true again with how everyone came together to raise money for the new museum.

The car show was very well received and everyone is looking forward to next year’s event, so save the date: Aug. 18, 2018.

I am so grateful for our sponsors, volunteers, gear-heads, lovers of the beautiful metal “gems” and all who took the time to attend “the biggest car show in downtown Sequim.”

A huge thanks goes to Larry Perry, whose idea got the ball rolling. He and his wife Lynda, who own In Graphic Detail, are generous citizens of Sequim who worked beyond normal to complete this wildly successful day.

Last year, I was blessed when Larry asked me to co-partner and we were in the race to get a permit to put this show on the road!

The following merchants and individuals deserve a lot of credit for all they did and if I missed anyone, please forgive me.

7 Cedars Casino, All Safe Mini Storage, Jose’s Famous Salsa, Price Ford, Sound Community Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, A-1 Auto Parts, Angeles Plumbing, Art Rogers Barber Shop, Bekkevar Logging and Trucking, BrokersGroup Real Estate Professionals, Clark Chambers Bed &Breakfast, Mobile Music Unlimited, Olympic Ambulance, Smugglers Landing Restaurant and Lounge, Styling on the Avenue, Agnew Store and Air Flo.

Also, Don Bell CPA, Castell Insurance, Clallam Cooperative Association, Discount Tire, Evergreen Collision, Kettel’s Food Mart &Car Wash, Kris Frankfurth &Sons Inc., Mariner Cafe, Olympic Peninsula Surveying, Sawadee Thai Cuisine, Les Schwab, 3 Little Pigs Masonry, Bag Ladies, Blake Tile &Stone, Davis Sand &Gravel, Dog House Powder Coating, Maple View Farms, Janice and Gary Smith, Sequim Valley Car Club, In Graphic Detail, Lakeside Industries, Fire District No. 3-Brandon Tucker and Sequim Valley Car Club.

Also, Kurt Devin Anderson, Dave Anstett, Hazel Ault, Andy Baritell, Bill’s Plumbing, John Burkheimer, Brian Cays, Dana Davis, Steve Fimons, Todd Fischer, Steve and Laurie Harwood, Mike Hill, Jim and Linda Hindes, Dennis and Mary Hood, Sharon and Skip Kratzer, Bruce Lindquist and Rich Odem, John and Bev Majors, George McMurray, Larry, Lynda and Jessica Perry, Randy Perry, Port Scandalous Roller Derby, Susan and Bobby Rose, Louie Rychlik, Sequim Police volunteers, Nick Schumacher Family, Bob Stipe, Steve Vogel and Michel Wright.

Judith Reandeau Stipe

Executive Director, Sequim Museum &Arts

Being Americans should come first

The recent letter to the editor entitled “State of the nation ‘deplorable’” (Sequim Gazette, Aug. 16, page A-8) deserves a response.

The author, an octogenarian, reminds us that he is a member of the “Greatest Generation.” So true. If not for the sacrifices of his generation, I believe I would not now be free to write this letter. My sincere and heartfelt thanks.

The author’s generation fought World War II with unity and a singularity of purpose. Everyone from generals to schoolchildren contributed.

Today we have a country that is deeply divided along political lines, with each side despising the other. Imagine a ship at sea in which the crew is equally divided and each half’s primary mission is to subvert the work of the other.

Such a ship may end up sinking. I believe this to be our deplorable situation.

A problem cannot be solved by the same means it was created. We are not going to become great by fighting with each other and we are not going to achieve unity by blaming the other side.

Unfortunately, the author of the letter in question is not contributing to a solution but rather adding to the problem (as are his counterparts on the left).

Perhaps the solution is to think of ourselves as Americans first and liberals or conservatives second.

Gary Stanton


Homeless need job retraining, addiction help

Literally thousands of programs have been attempted across the nation to help the homeless. Programs have failed when they involve only overnight beds and short-term stays without extensive programs for the homeless individuals often lasting one to two years. Crucial elements of these programs are job and work ethic training and elimination of drug and/or alcohol addiction.

Those who desire to donate money can make a difference in some lives if they create professional programs to end addiction, create jobs and educational retraining, affordable housing, child care and counseling. These programs require more than just money donated and a building for overnight or 30-day stays. They require knowledgeable management and focus for many months and even years.

Barbara Paschal


Trump tantrums

Even though Trump has repeatedly promised his voter base Mexico will pay for his Mexico Border Wall, in his recent Phoenix, Ariz., “campaign” rant (speech), he threatened Congress he would shut down the government if there were no appropriation for the Wall.

This child-like tantrum behavior will be the lasting legacy of narcissist Trump and he is only beginning his term.

Before he is done, he might learn governance of the USA is not a reality TV show nor is he a king/dictator.

It is well known in our democracy: “The Executive proposes (laws, budgets, treaties, etc.) and the Congress disposes.”

The President cannot unilaterally, completely shutdown the U.S. Government. But if he could, he would figuratively “shoot himself in the foot,” e.g., no US-1 747 luxury jet to take him to his weekend golfing jaunts at his resorts. No White House staff. No Secret Service to protect him and his family. No Social Security benefits and Medicaid for his voter base. No Homeland Security and no military to protect our nation. No Federal law enforcement nation-wide. Not to mention defaulting on the many debts the U.S. owes.

Trump is 71 and old leopards do not change their spots (behavior). And the Trump succession list doesn’t get any better: two is Pence, and three is Ryan.

A Trump impeachment might be a serious dilemma for our nation.

Richard Hahn


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