Letters to the editor — Jan. 2, 2019

Appreciation for caring arm of law

I would like to both thank and commend Sequim Police Department and the other law enforcement agencies who were involved with the sad incident at Sunbelt apartments.

The officers were kind and compassionate to us residents.

The SPD put us up in a local motel for two nights while the investigation into our beloved neighbor’s death was being conducted.

I know this was difficult on the officers as well, we live in a small community but they put our feelings and needs ahead of their own.

From my heart to yours, thank you.

Rebecca Ruby


Presidential demeanor found wanting

It is truly amazing (as well as mind-blowing) that mature, otherwise intelligent people continue to support and idolize Trump and his dangerous, frightening actions. Traditional Republicans must be horrified to see how the party and the country has evolved.

The present situation bothers me on many levels, but mostly on the level of my grandchildren. I was raised on the virtues of using please, thank you, honesty and civility, and tried to pass this same philosophy on to my children and grandchildren.

I detest the fact that they are witness to the rude, uncouth, ego-maniacally pathological lying and stupidity that is represented in the elected leader of our society — the antithesis of what should be embodied in our president.

I find it an extremely frightening time and so saddened to think that we as a nation have sunk to such a low point where the rest of the world can’t trust or respect us.

I could go on and on but so often find myself at a loss for words to adequately express concern.

And for those of you who fall back on the “cop-out” — “Would you rather have Hilary”? — that is the past and today is now, not November 2016.

You need to take another look in the mirror and ask yourself: Is this the America I want my children and grandchildren to inherit? I think not.

Tom Collins


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