Letters to the editor — July 12, 2017

  • Wednesday, July 12, 2017 1:30am
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Supports Chinn

Steve Chinn, candidate for Clallam County Fire Commissioner District 3, is a candidate who demonstrates unparalleled integrity, leadership and abilities. His experience with the fire department is extensive and varied.

As a devoted family man, Steve has a deep concern for his community and a care for the people he serves. Not only does he have decades of experience as a firefighter, he was a teacher and coach. It is as a coach that Steve impacted my life. He taught me, by example, the qualities of helping others, doing what is right and honorable, and never giving up. Later, we both served as coaches for Sequim High School teams.

It is rare that you meet a person about whom everyone who has ever known them will agree that they are above reproach. Steve is such a person. Positive, honest, energetic and a man with vision for the fire department and the community.

Please cast your vote for Steve Chinn for Clallam County Fire Commissioner District 3.

Bill McFarlen


Cooper is right on

Regarding Bertha Cooper’s column “It’s just words” (Sequim Gazette, July 5, page A-8):

Brilliant, Bertha. If brilliant makes you elite, then you are stuck. What can you do otherwise? Dilute your takes? Those who refer to professionals as elite would likely be frustrated by opportunity, not frustrated by you. You do your best to keep communication channels open. The community is held in optimistic dignity by your column.

Thank you.

Barry Soble


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