Letters to the Editor — Sequim Gazette, March 15, 2017

Intolerance exemplified

“Learn your biology” (Letters to the Editor, Sequim Gazette, March 8, page A-10) exemplifies why the “Gay Straight Alliance Club” (GSA) was founded.

The suggestion the club is resultant from a “confused, debased generation our society and schools have wrought” was itself preceded by an intolerant “debased generation.”

That generation spawned separate but equal schools and turned innocuous words into humiliating pejoratives.

To its credit and compassion, the Dungeness Valley Lutheran Church has held informational presentations on behalf of the GSA.

Before debasing a benevolent religious organization as well, come out of the closet of delusional cognitive dissonance rather than denigrate and condemn those you know not.

Roger B. Huntman


Views are ‘unacceptable’

Dearest darling LGBTQIA+ youth of the peninsula,

I saw what Jerry Ludke wrote (“Learn your biology,” Letters to the Editor, Sequim Gazette, page A-10), and it is unacceptable. It is unacceptable that he spewed forth this foaming garbage, leaving behind a vile trail of trans and homophobic bile for the rest of the community to clean up.

It is unacceptable that your local newspaper allowed his filth to be smeared across their pages.

And frankly, it is unacceptable to abandon our vulnerable, blossoming, creative, queer youth.

In times like these, especially in places like this, there is no longer room for the Jerry Ludkes of the world — stand down, or be trampled.

We’re here, we’re queer, and you’d better start accommodating us immediately.

You are seen, you are lovely, and above all else, you are lovable.


Brenna E. Mack

Community member and


Port Angeles

Much thanks for your assistance

On March 8, my husband took a bad fall near the JCPenney store.

Cars stopped so drivers could come help. Other people came up seemingly from nowhere to help.

One lady even got down on the ground to look into his eyes to see if he was OK. A gentleman gave up his sweatshirt to help stop the bleeding, another called me to come down and someone called 9-1-1. Everyone was so kind.

The EMTs that came were wonderful, efficient, gentle and caring.

We want to thank everyone involved so very much. Words can’t express our feelings toward all those who helped. Thank you all. He’s home, hurting a lot, but there’s slight improvement every day.

Sandra Aronsen