Letters to the Editor — Sequim Gazette, March 8, 2017

  • Wednesday, March 8, 2017 1:30am
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Railings needed on Sequim-Dungeness Way

I have often wondered when driving to Sunland why there was no railing on the Sequim Avenue (Sequim-Dungeness Way) drop-offs.

Now that it has almost cost a life, surely the city will find funds to quickly remedy this.

If it cannot be done quickly, at least a temporary railing should be erected. This would do two things: guide the driver’s eye as to the danger and alert the public to search for a wreck if it was broken.

Pat Nix


Editor’s note: The portion of Sequim-Dungeness Way the writer refers to is in the county and not within the city limits of Sequim.

Swimmers, boosters appreciates support

To the community:

Thank you on behalf of the girls’ and boys’ Sequim High School swim teams. Your support in reopening the pool is very much appreciated!

Without the community-minded individuals and organizations who have come forward in support of the pool, we probably would not have had the chance to swim our 2016-2017 seasons. Thanks to your efforts we were able to accomplish a record breaking year!

The girls’ and boys’ teams have put in countless hours in the pool, six days a week, and their hard work and dedication has paid off. SHS girls’ team sent 10 girls to Districts and seven to State and the boys’ team sent eight to Districts and five to State — a truly great accomplishment for our youth!

To fund our expenses during the season, we hold Booster Club fundraisers such as car washes and bake sales. A big THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by for a car wash or purchased some yummy baked goods.

Our next fundraising project is a big one — a timing system for the boys’ and girls’ swim teams. The future looks bright for our Sequim swimming programs, but we lack an accurate timing system.

We will be reaching out to local businesses and organizations who might be able to partner with us on this ambitious fundraiser to increase the precision and strength of the competitive swimming programs at Sequim High School.

We would love to schedule a meeting with you to discuss this sponsorship opportunity.

Contact Tracy Swanson at tracy@johnwayneswaterfrontresort.com, Michelle Govertson at mbgov@aol.com or Hans Govertsen at Hans.C.Govertsen@uscg.mil to find out more.

Thank you for your past and future support!

Swim Team Boosters

Learn your biology

With curiosity and sadness, I note the existence of a “Gay Straight Alliance Club” at Sequim High School (Sequim Gazette, March 1, page B-9).

I trust none of these students passed a course in biology.

“Gay” and “straight” are made-up words and signify nothing.

Humans are created male and female and are meant for each other.

Sexual relations between the two are normal and only perversion lies outside that union.

This club should be pitied, not promoted.

I have suggestions for equally irrational clubs:

“The Square Peg in a Round Hole” Club

“The Two and Two Make Five” Club

“The War Is Peace” Club

“The Freedom Is Slavery” Club

“The Ignorance Is Strength” Club

What a confused, debased generation our society and public schools have wrought.

Jerry Ludke

Port Angeles

Wrestling with strife, solutions

I have this friend of 40 years duration (I’ll leave out the who, what and so forth, though I doubt he’ll ever read this, as he lives in a different county). The other day, last Wednesday I believe, he experienced that most dreaded of all events; the death of a child. His child.

Now, E.M. (not his real name) and I have never been super close, but over the decades, have always found a common joy in sharing our mutual parental triumphs … and travail. He and his wife are, or were before last week, the parents of three, as are Fran and I.

E.M.’s child, 19 years old, died of a heroin overdose. And, it was E.M. who, alerted to her absence by concerned friends, discovered her young, lifeless body.

Over the last decades, as American society morphed ever more relaxed, regarding the rather Puritanical tenets upon which our nation was formed, I went the other way. Over the recent past, I have even (argued is not too strong a word) with various folk about the “right” of hard drug manufacturers/distributors to continue to infest our country with their wares and themselves. It is certainly impolitic to imagine an enlightened society, where one who chooses to make, distribute or sell, let’s say meth or heroin, simply gets the hangman’s knot. No ifs, ands or buts.

Of course, we, in our certain, forgiving, evolved-Christian lives, abhor the thought of such a heartless outcome to, what we presently consider, just another unfortunate “illness” upon the body of our nation.

Certainly, given the most recent turn of the screw on the national political stage, with its hard twist to the right, we must beware of turning a deaf ear to the sound of what seems to be an almost totalitarian goose-step into a future with ever fewer personal rights being observed and protected.

Nonetheless, does anyone else out there in Readerland wrestle with thoughts of the profound grief and agony which could be avoided, the young lives saved, if, instead of condoning the continued destruction of our culture and lives of our children, we re-examined ourselves and certain of our values, our laws?

Is it finally time to say, “If you poison our children, there is no legal sophistry behind which you may hide. You, sir or madam have canceled your ticket”?

Patrick Clark


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