How our lawmakers voted

State lawmakers were busy last week acting on bills before the whole House and Senate in lengthy floor sessions. They have until Wednesday, March 13,… Continue reading

  • Mar 13, 2019

Think About It: Land use is the people’s work

We learned during the government shutdown that 40 percent of Americans have an average of $400 in the bank and live paycheck to paycheck. From… Continue reading

From the Back Nine: The Case of the Missing Shovels

It started last year during the only snow that amounted to much. I cleared our walks, then leaned the snow shovel against the side of… Continue reading

  • Mar 6, 2019

How our lawmakers voted

As this year’s scheduled 105-day legislative session nears the halfway point, state lawmakers worked long hours last week to meet the March 1 deadline for… Continue reading

  • Mar 6, 2019

Letters to the editor — March 6, 2019

Kilmer shows his colors With reference to “Power circuits interrupt us” (commentary by Bertha Cooper, Sequim Gazette, Feb. 27, page A-10): Sir, May I remind… Continue reading

  • Mar 6, 2019

Water Matters: Circles, cycles, but no conclusions

In the past few months I’ve realized that my fixation on cycles is authentic, at least: like a circle, it has no end. In Part… Continue reading

Aging Successfully: Brain exercises (one of the best)

Brain plasticity, also called neuroplasticity, is the term used to describe the brain’s ability to regenerate itself and to create new pathways. With the proper… Continue reading

  • Feb 27, 2019

Guest opinion: Dems may seek more revenue (taxes) for wish list

Democratic legislative leaders are gearing up for one of the most challenging conversations this session: taxes. With control of the state House and Senate, their… Continue reading

Think About It: Power circuits interrupt us

Poor president. He’s having a hard time getting his way. He’s having to work the angles extra hard to find a way through this thorny… Continue reading

Guest opinion: Washington farmers need tariff relief

The good news is Washington’s cherry crop is projected to be as good as 2018; however, absent tariff relief from the ongoing U.S.-China trade tiff,… Continue reading

Guest opinion: Car tab issue may be back on table

One of the last spitball fights among lawmakers in the 2018 session erupted on how to provide a modicum of relief for payers of Sound… Continue reading

Guest opinion: Growing resistance to corporate incentives

The circumstances leading to Amazon’s decision to scrap its New York City project are trends corporate leaders need to examine closely. There are cultural and… Continue reading

How our lawmakers voted

After cancellation of hearings due to extreme weather and road conditions earlier in the week, state lawmakers returned to a full schedule of committee hearings… Continue reading

  • Feb 20, 2019

Being Frank: Proposed state budget underfunds culvert replacement

Treaty tribes in western Washington are concerned that Gov. Jay Inslee’s two-year $54 billion budget now before the state Legislature will not adequately fund culvert… Continue reading

Guest column: Controversial 2018 election mailers were audacious — and legal

Misleading postcards didn’t violate election laws because they touted non-candidates, the PDC found.

Guest opinion: Student debt draining retired income

Lots is written about students exiting college saddled with hefty student loans; however, the impact on retired parents went largely unnoticed. Recently, Wall Street Journal… Continue reading

Think About It: The sound of silence

At first, I thought the greyness I felt was January, the dead of winter, the greyness of the sky, the straw-colored landscape and the still… Continue reading

From the Back Nine: Yes, I am afraid of ghosts

If you use social media or trend-speak, you are probably familiar with the concept of “ghosting.” It’s when someone cuts off communication with you without… Continue reading

  • Feb 6, 2019

On civility and power: Part III

In exploring the relationship between civility and power, this series has sought to explain why we must reject “winning at all costs,” “ends justifying means,”… Continue reading

  • Feb 6, 2019

Water Matters: Circles and cycles, part II

Last month the topic of this column wasn’t water, but recycling. I gave in to my fascination and wrote about the wicked problem of expanding… Continue reading