Shooting down weapons in the state Capitol

If you come to the state Capitol and want to see lawmakers in action, there are a few rules to follow while sitting in the… Continue reading

Think About It: The business of government

The President appointed his Director of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney as acting director when the bureau’s director resigned. Mulvaney is a former Congressman who… Continue reading

Guest Opinion: Rural prosperity essential to washington

While Seattle is growing rapidly, our rural areas continue to struggle. They don’t have the corporate giants such as Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing creating jobs… Continue reading

Letters to the Editor — Nov. 29, 2017

See the Railroad Bridge It was my privilege to be among the crowd at Friday’s (Nov. 17) bridge-lighting ceremony at the Dungeness River Audubon Center.… Continue reading

Water Matters — Nov. 29, 2017 — Well of gratitude

“It’s the best water you can drink,” my Aunt Mary Beth would say about the well when my family visited their farm near the Sierra… Continue reading

Guest opinion: GOP tax plan under close scrutiny

A tax overhaul plan drawn up by Republicans in Congress will be a good deal for many households though not every one, or nearly every… Continue reading

Letters To The Editor — Nov. 22, 2017

Flier distribution is more like littering Leaving paper of any kind on private property, such as doorsteps and doors, should be considered littering. This week… Continue reading

  • Nov 22, 2017

Think About It: No more silence, no more denial

Whatever we do as decent men and women in the midst of all these voices coming forward and telling us their most grievous, humiliating, intimate… Continue reading

Guest opinion: Despite election wins, reasons for unease among state Democrats

Democrats went to bed last Tuesday confidently declaring their party will control the levers of legislating in state government by the end of the month.… Continue reading

Guest opinion: Remember 1993

Twenty-five years ago, business took a beating in Olympia. The swing to the left in the 1992 general election was swift and potent. It drove… Continue reading

Letters To The Editor — Nov. 15, 2017

‘Unbroken’ spurs epiphany Fifty years ago, last May, I — like millions of other young Americans before and since — raised my right hand and… Continue reading

  • Nov 15, 2017

Guest column: Remembering Ed Carlson, Vietnam POW

Since last Veteran’s Day, Ken Burns’ in-depth documentary on the Vietnam War has aired. It is a powerful reminder of an unpopular war in which… Continue reading

Guest opinion: Dangers of drowsy driving are real

Eleven years ago, a drowsy-driving car wreck left me with injuries that still challenge me today. In the accident, my ankle was crushed so bad… Continue reading

  • Nov 8, 2017

Think About It: No easy or good answers

Occasionally, I am asked how I come up with column ideas every couple of weeks. I have no good answers; they just come. I can… Continue reading

From the Back Nine: And when she was bad …

I am a Scorpio as are all people born between Oct. 23-Nov. 21. After that we clear the calendar for those namby-pamby Saggitarians, optimistically traveling… Continue reading

  • Nov 1, 2017

Letters To The Editor — Nov. 1, 2017

Vote for Chinn I am writing this letter in support of Steve Chinn, who is running for Fire Commissioner. I have known Mr. Chinn since… Continue reading

  • Nov 1, 2017

Think ABout It: Halloween story, the sequel

“Bring Grandpa some of his favorite tea. The kind with an ounce of Pernod in it,” shouted his Grandson with desperation in his voice. “And… Continue reading

Water Matters: Silver lining

My husband loves to fish. He comes from a Midwestern family of fisher folk. On my first trip to his parents’ we drove to a… Continue reading

Guest Opinion: Do Olympia or Seattle really care about rural Washington?

Do Olympia Democrats know they have a political problem in rural Washington? Do they know why? Do they care? This has been long in the… Continue reading

  • Oct 25, 2017

Letters To The Editor — Oct. 25, 2017

Save the dock Here we go again. The old Dungeness dock is under serious attack. The North Olympic Salmon Coalition has set its sights on… Continue reading

  • Oct 25, 2017