Ann Soule

Water Matters: With snowfall, size matters

This is not about federal politics, nor the passage of the school levies — though both are big topics for discussion. To be honest, it’s… Continue reading

Water Matters: Cost-benefit

Twenty-five to 35 million dollars. What would you do with that amount of money? If you were to spend it on a construction project for… Continue reading

Water Matters: Belle of the Ball, Part 2

If you were around here 20 years ago, do you remember Bell Creek actually running all summer? If you were in grade school then, did… Continue reading

Water Matters: Truth or dare

Remember the kids’ game where you had to choose between confessing a truth — most likely the name of your crush — or brave a… Continue reading

Water Matters: Valuable, vulnerable Blue Glacier

In my book, the view of Mount Olympus from the High Divide is one of the most glorious scenes anywhere, ever. We’re looking south across the broad Hoh River valley, but it feels like we could stretch an arm out and make designs in the Snow Dome with our finger.

Blue Hole or Purple Fog?

Everything is coming up purple in Sequim and this week is the peak of purple season. In fact, this weekend is the 20th time we’ve celebrated lavender with a festival, which started humbly but now attracts tens of thousands of visitors to our pretty, blue-hued spot on the planet.

Water Matters: Irrigation season

Ann Soule discusses irrigation throughout the Sequim area

Water Matters: April showers bring … a plan

With the adoption of a stormwater plan last Monday, Sequim joins the ranks of officially water-conscious Western cities.

Water Matters: Neither seen nor heard

Let’s start at the bottom: Sequim Bay is the body of water that graciously takes in almost all water flowing through the fair city of Sequim. Sequim Bay hosts sailors, swimmers, salmon, clams, oysters, a marine lab and much, much more.

Water Matters: Signs of coming times

The summer after we moved to Sequim 25 years ago I had locals, unprompted, showing me how to judge from looking at the mountains whether there would be water shortages later or not.

Water Matters: Location, location, location

As a consumer of local news you’ve probably read or heard about the proposed Dungeness reservoir …?

Water Matters: Holiday greetings … from your local water supply

It’s that holiday letter time of year again — at least for those who haven’t fully transitioned to Facebook to get and share all their news.

Water Matters: Shellfish party with some bite

I recently had the privilege of enjoying an oyster bar with four varieties right here in Sequim. It was set up for a celebration of the re-opening of shellfish beds in Dungeness Bay by the state Department of Health — a status change owing to vastly improved water quality.