Ambro’s Landscaping plans for expansion in new year

If youth, enthusiasm and energy are the foundation for a thriving business, then Jason and Holly Ambro of Ambro’s Landscaping have it in spades.

Ambro’s Landscaping

Owners: Jason, Holly Ambro

P.O. Box 6, Sequim

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If youth, enthusiasm and energy are the foundation for a thriving business, then Jason and Holly Ambro of Ambro’s Landscaping have it in spades. The young married couple, 22 and 23 respectively, say they love what they do, with Jason handling the manual labor and Holly behind the scenes, keeping the books and marketing the company, that her husband started when he was just 19, on social media.

Since 2011, the business has grown slowly but steadily through word of mouth from residential customers. Its first big commercial coup came when Discount Tire hired Ambro’s Landscaping to maintain its property. A second came with The Vintage of Sequim.

“We gained a lot of exposure from commercial clients being on a main street and that’s really helped us get our name out there,” Jason said.

Recently, Ambro’s was awarded a contract for Sherwood Village.

“We provide lawn maintenance year-round and I do design and installation,” Jason said. “I’d like to grow into irrigation and broaden our reach for different types of that. We started yearlong contracts because it’s a lot easier for customers to maintain their landscaping — we just do it when it needs to be done so it doesn’t get out of control.”

Lawn maintenance includes mowing, edging, pruning, fertilizing, spraying weeds, hedge trimming, leaf shreddding and flower bed cleaning. Jason is licensed by the state for pesticide and herbicide application and the company is licensed, bonded and insured.

Jason noted that he’s done a few small landscaping design projects and would like to do more, so he’ll take classes on it through the state landscaping association.

“When he’s home, he’s always watching landscaping videos and reading,” Holly said. “We have landscaping installation and design software where Jason can design a 3-D house and yard for a client and do two or three designs so they can see what it will look like in the future.”

“I ask them what they want to get out of their landscape, such as privacy or color. Then I take what they ask for and give them a couple of designs,” Jason explained. “If clients have questions, we give them our professional opinion on what they might want to do based on our suggestions.”

The pair also have started posting tutorial videos on YouTube for the do-it-yourselfer. Just go to and enter “Ambro’s Landscaping” to see them.

Thus far, Jason has been a one-man operation but he plans on hiring several people early this year because the business has grown.

“One thing we’re excited about is upgrading all our equipment and being prepared to add new crew members,” Holly said regarding 2015. “That means more commercial opportunities so we’re excited about what the new year will bring.”

“When I first started, a lot of people looked at my age (19) and a lot thought I didn’t know the business very well, so for me, I’ve got a lot to prove to be up with the big dogs,” Jason said. “Commercial places were cautious about hiring me because of my age but once they saw how I worked, they were very pleased. Because I love what I do, I put passion into it — it’s more fun than work.”

Why choose Ambro’s Landscaping?

“Because of the way we do our work,” Jason began. “We like do to the whole package, not just mowing alone. We like to cover everything and take it a step further so your yard looks amazing all year-round, not just in the summer. We’re always putting the client before us because we believe in quality over quantity and we’re constantly looking at ways to improve the quality of our landscaping. We try to compare our work to a quality golf course. We want our work to stand out on the block.”

Due to Holly’s diligent public relations and marketing efforts, Ambro’s Landscaping was selected to be featured in the February issue of Green Industry Pros, a magazine catering to landscaping professionals. They were interviewed in October for an article titled, “What’s in My Trailer?” Subscribe free online at to read their story.