Fitness in (re)focus at 360 Health and Fitness

360 Health and Fitness

What: Personal, group fitness facility

Where: 755 W. Washington St., Suite D


Their move from Carlsborg and shifting of some practices isn’t a full, 180-degree switch, but John and Lisa Qualls of 360 Health and Fitness are changing things up a bit, refocusing toward personal training in their newest digs.

Just west of downtown Sequim, in a building that once housed a movie rental store, the Qualls are getting back to basics a bit, zeroing in on individualized fitness goals for their clients.

“It’s constantly evolving,” says Lisa, a co-owner of 360 Health and Fitness — formerly 360 Sports Performance Training.

“We’re looking at everyone on individual levels,” she says. “Everything we do is scale-able.”

Adds John, “We want to service anyone at their levels.”

Located at 755 W. Washington St., 360 Health and Fitness transformed the former film rental building into a part storefront, part gymnasium retrofitted to cater to athletes of varying levels and interests.

A spacious three-quarters of the building is decked out with equipment such as free weights, kettle bells, ERGs (rowing machines), slam balls and the like tucked neatly to the sides, with drop-down batting cage netting above and equipment cages in the center. In addition to heating and air conditioning and bathroom space, the facility features a large computer screen to help fitness class attendees know what’s coming next.

Lisa Qualls says sometimes people are intimidated when they enter a gym.

“I try to take that fear away,” she says. “We start wherever you’re at.”

The business, located in Carlsborg for two years until the move into Sequim in July 2017, once looked to expand its retail side with sports equipment. It also was know for its growing CrossFit business, but John says 360 Health and Fitness is looking to refocus back to individualized fitness programs: The CrossFit side of the business will stay as a popular class that clients can take, while retail offerings are going to be specialized and sports-specific.

Instead, the Qualls’ and a small group of specialists will focus on giving the best one-on-one and small group service they can to Sequim’s clientele.

John and Lisa Qualls, along with Jim Jensen and JoElle Munger, coach CrossFit classes with Eli Lambert serving as CrossFit Director of Programming. Other staff include: Jim Snead, Olympic Lifting Coach; Libby Scofield, Restorative Exercise Specialist: Libby Scofield; and Kevin Pedrey, StrongFirst Certified Kettle Bell Instructor.

Ages and abilities

360 Health and Fitness’ clientele includes athletes from ages 10 to 85.

“We definitely see a more diverse group (than other communities),” Lisa says.

“Most people want to be safe and to feel better,” she says. “Most new clients want general fitness. They’re de-conditioned and not happy with where they are and want to feel better.”

John says he and Lisa see a lot of clients doing pre-hab — pre-conditioning before starting a rehabilitation routine — and that makes a big difference.

They also see a lot of runners, Lisa says, focusing a lot on correcting movement patterns that have caused athletes pain.

“Pain is not a part of movement,” John says.

When a client walks in, 360 Health and Fitness staff go over that person’s current activity levels, what they do for a living, injury history and goals. They do a 90-minute introduction and physical assessment and then find a plan of action.

Some clients need some mobility or stability prep work before they actually start in on a plan. Sometimes, Lisa says, that means taking a step backward in their routine, one that will propel them further toward their fitness goals.

“The first two weeks is always challenging,” she says.

“They’ve got to be patient, and part of that patience is education,” John adds.

“There’s a lot of education and awareness we have to provide,” Qualls says. “That’s something we pride ourselves on is why this hurts or that aches.”

Even top-level athletes need some retraining of movement with their muscles, Lisa says. The principles are the same, she says: mobility, stability and strength.

“If you skip any of those, you’re susceptible to injury,” she says.

Many of 360’s clients are retirement age or close to it. They want their bodies to hold up and don’t want knee pain or have to seek help just to get up, she says.

360 Health and Fitness also serves first responders from law enforcement to firefighter/EMTs, physical therapists.

“We realize people don’t have a lot of time to devote to themselves,” John says.

The business also offers services such as massage therapy, restorative movement and more.

Some fitness work is one-on-one while others enjoy a number of fitness classes 360 Health and Fitness offers, from CrossFit to kettle bell classes to general fitness. Classes start as early as 5 a.m.

Most classes here see four-eight people working out together, the business owners say.

“Every movement that is done in this building is done with supervision,” John says, from a class to a small group program. “Community atmosphere is a big one, the support they give each other.

“We like the long game; we want to see people succeed,” he says.

“Anybody can be successful.”

For more information, call 360-461-0482 or see or

Fitness in (re)focus at 360 Health and Fitness