Holiday shopping is now! A market gift guide for animal lovers

Sequim Farmers & Artisans Market

Open: 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 17

Location: Sequim Civic Center Plaza, downtown Sequim

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With the cancellations of so many local holiday craft shows, the Sequim Farmers & Artisans Market presents offers an opportunity to stock up on local holiday gifts throughout the month of October.

Sequim is undeniably an animal-loving town, from the natural critters we call neighbors to the fuzzballs with whom we cohabitate.

The following is a gift guide for those loved ones who incorporate their passion for critters into every facet of their life. The Saturday market at Sequim City Hall’s plaza is the purr-fect spot to stock up on gifts for your loved ones who adore their creature companions.

Old World Tail Saver / Old World Salves

A nose-to-tail first aid tool for any animal lover! From pet skin rashes, bacterial or fungal challenges, hot spots, dermatitis, burns, bites, dry pads or inflammation … simply apply this salve to the problem area and give the gift of sweet pain relief to your fur babies. Word on the street is that this fantastic, versatile balm also works well with horses and chickens!

Animal face masks / Generations Boutique

Curious as to where everyone’s been getting those uber cute masks you’ve been seeing around lately? Swing by Generations Boutique for a huge assortment of handmade, quality face masks. She’s a whiz at finding the perfect mask print for you. If you’re an animal lover – all the better! Check out her assortment of kitty, puppy, and bird prints!

Pet-themed reusable gift bags / RuBeads

Looking to reduce waste this holiday season while paying homage to your canine companions? Ruby has unveiled a line of festive, reusable gift bags to package your thoughtful presents. With three different sizes and a variety of prints, you’ll have the most thoughtfully wrapped present at your holiday gathering.

Organic homegrown catnip / Sea Basket Farm

Don’t forget the stocking stuffers for your greatest feline companion. This is the highest quality catnip you can get your paws on! Grown and freshly-harvested right here in Sequim on Sea Basket Farm, you’ll find that this potent ‘nip is the key to unlocking even the most moody of mousers’ hearts.

Pet print microwave baked potato sack / DragonLady Handicrafts

A variety of adorable prints are available for this reusable microwave baked potato sack. For the taste of flaky, oven-baked potatoes in a fraction of the time. Wash and dry one to four potatoes, place in this (puppy-printed) reusable sack and pop in your microwave for a tasty meal in minutes!

Animal themed millet-hull-filled pillows/ BlissPillow

Millet-hull pillows have been used all over the world for therapeutic support and now you can get them handmade right here in Sequim! These durable, pillows come in a range of fun prints sure to tickle the animal-lover in your life. Millet-hull pillows offer relief from stiffness and soreness of the neck and shoulders, with customers also reporting increased relief of headaches and migraines. Millet has a high level of silicic acid, a natural analgesic that assists in soothing muscle pain.

Remember, the month of October is your last chance to stock up on holiday gifts and meet farmers at the Sequim Farmers & Artisans Market. Find us downtown at Sequim Civic Center plaza on Saturdays from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

Emma Jane Garcia is Marketing Manager for the Sequim Farmers & Artisans Market. See