Ozette Fish Company comes to the market

Ozette Fish Company joins the market this salmon season bringing both fresh and smoked salmon caught off Neah Bay.

Sequim Farmers Market

Aug. 8, Aug. 15

Open Saturdays 9 a.m.-3 p.m. through October

Downtown Sequim at Sequim Avenue, Washington Street

Contacts: www.sequimmarket.com;  manager@sequimmarket.com; 460-2668


What’s new at the market this season is salmon!

We are absolutely delighted to have Ozette Fish Company at the market this salmon season bringing both fresh and smoked salmon caught off Neah Bay.

This is a family business run by Don Mooney Jr. Don Sr. explained to me that this salmon is “the best salmon in the world.”

The Mooney family comes up from Tacoma. Don Sr. learned to fish from his uncle off of Point Defiance when he was 7 years old — that was 73 years ago.

It is king salmon they bring. He explained that a king salmon is a 4-year-old chinook and that at this time of year are feeding vigorously on anchovy and herring as they are getting ready to head up the river. Once they hit the river they stop eating; therefore, they are packing on the fat which means an abundance of Omega 3 oils in these fish and superb flavor.

The customers have been raving, including me, about these exceptional offerings. The only problem is, do you bring home the fresh king salmon fillet or the smoked? I say go for both!

This business enterprise started some 60 years ago when Don Sr. was 20 years old, fishing off Neah Bay. He had an 18-foot plywood boat and tells me he didn’t leave the bay for his first year of fishing and when he did it was exciting. His commercial fishing license cost him $37.50 at that time. He would drive out to Neah Bay from Tacoma — that took about six hours — and fish, then sell his catch to a fish co-op that no longer exists. He put himself through college that way.

So now at 80 years old, Don Sr. is seated at the Sequim Farmers Market next to his granddaughter Jordan Youngblood. Don Mooney Sr. taught Don Mooney Jr. to fish, so like his dad, Don Jr. put himself through school on his catch and became an accountant. Don Mooney, Jr. has a son named Christopher and a daughter Jordan.

Now Jordan is putting herself through college by selling the fish her brother and her father caught. While I was interviewing Don Sr. and Jordan, Don Jr. and Christopher were out fishing.

This year is the first time they have dabbled in farmers markets. Here in Sequim, they are building up a regular customer base. Jordan is busy selling salmon at five local markets a week.

Come to the market for this wonderful nourishment, as the season is will be over soon!

On Aug. 8, the Powerhouse band will be playing. This is an outstanding fiddle band. On Aug. 15, the wonderful Buck Ellard will be playing. Live music is from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

In the Suzanne Arnold Community Booth on Aug. 8, the New Dungeness Lighthouse Association will be sharing information and opportunities. On Aug. 15, learn about the Soroptimists and you can show your support for Peninsula Friends of Animals buy purchasing their amazing potholders.