State unemployment rate drops in November

Washington state’s economy added 12,800 jobs in November. Between October and November, the preliminary seasonally adjusted monthly unemployment rate fell 4.7 percent.

“A sizeable jump in household employment this month was mostly responsible for pushing down the state unemployment rate,” said the Employment Security Department’s (ESD) Economist Paul Turek.

“Additionally, the increase in payroll employment in November helped offset the disappointing downward revision to October’s numbers.”

An adjustment to preliminary jobs data for October, with the preliminary estimated gain of 6,300 jobs revised to a loss of 500 jobs. The revised estimate represents a more accurate picture of developments in the job market for October by including additional information that was not available at the time of the previous month’s release.

ESD paid unemployment insurance benefits to 51,360 people in November, a decrease of 7,638 over the previous month.

The national unemployment rate dropped from 4.6 percent in October to the preliminary rate of 4.2 percent in November. For comparison, the national unemployment rate (revised) for November 2020 was 6.7 percent.

Clallam County’s unemployment rate for October 2021 was 4.2 percent — tied for 10th-highest among the state’s 39 counties.

The state’s labor force in November was 3,936,700 – an increase of 1,700 people from the previous month. Labor force is defined as the total number of people, both employed and unemployed, over the age of 16.

In the Seattle/Bellevue/Everett region, the labor force decreased by 6,900 over the same period.

From November 2020 to November 2021, the state’s labor force increased by 93,700 while the Seattle/Bellevue/Everett region increased by 11,300.

From October to November, the number of people who were unemployed statewide decreased from 198,100 to 184,600. In the Seattle/Bellevue/Everett region, the number of people who were unemployed decreased from 86,000 to 76,500 over the same period.

In November, eight industry sectors expanded and five contracted.

Private sector employment increased by 8,100 jobs while government employment increased by 4,700 jobs.

Both private, public sector employment rose over year

Washington gained an estimated 147,200 jobs from November 2020-November 2021, not seasonally adjusted. Private sector employment rose by 4.6 percent, up an estimated 127,100 jobs, while public sector employment rose by 3.7 percent, up an estimated 20,100 jobs.

From November 2020-November 2021, 11 major industry sectors expanded, one contracted and one was unchanged,

The three industry sectors with the largest employment gains year over year, not seasonally adjusted, were:

• Leisure and hospitality, up 50,800 jobs

• Professional and business services, up 21,300 jobs

• Government, up 20,100 jobs

The industry sector that contracted year over year, not seasonally adjusted, was retail trade, down 1,600 jobs.