What’s new at the Market? Going ‘Itsy Bitsy’ with greens

What’s “New at the Market”? Itsy Bitsy Greens this Saturday.

Sequim Farmers Market

May 16, May 23

Open Saturdays 9 a.m.-3 p.m. through October

Downtown Sequim at Sequim Avenue, Washington Street

Contacts: www.sequimmarket.com;  manager@sequimmarket.com; 460-2668



What’s “New at the Market”? Itsy Bitsy Greens.

New to the market this year, Michael Douglas and Astrid Raffinpeyloz are selling micro-greens, or “tiny vegetables.” These are not sprouts but the first leaves, called cotyledons, that seeds produce.

They grow over a dozen types of little greens, broccoli, kale and sunflowers to name a few, that are harvested at this micro-stage somewhere between 10 and 20 days old.

So why would you want to harvest these vegetables with only the first two leaves? Michael explained to me that, “They retain a lot of the original seed vigor, they are extremely nutrient dense, as they mature energy goes into growth, so the energy and nutrients become more dispersed.”

Their brochure notes, “At this early stage the protein content in the broccoli is 35 percent, as is the kale and radish.”

It also states that, “Peas have seven times more vitamin C than blueberries.”

Michael and Astrid recently relocated here to be close to many family members who settled here. Astrid is originally from Eastern France where she grew up with a view of the Alps, so the Olympics make her feel right at home.

They tell me they chose Sequim because they wanted a healthy place to live.

Micro-greens have been a part of their lives for decades, as an adjunct to larger farming projects they have managed. Now they are “retiring” and enjoying the simplicity of only growing the micro-greens.

Astrid says, “It is important to bring good food to people and get back to the basics, making people healthy, grow something healing, I feel it is more and more important to do something positive.”

So what do you do with them? They are wonderful to throw into a salad, sandwich or add to a smoothie. Their brochure, which you can pick up at the market, is complete with recipes. This is a very specialized, super-powered product that is now available on Saturdays at the market.

We are fortunate to have this at our market. Come to the market each Saturday to learn more, meet these wonderful new contributors to our community and partake in this life-giving nutritious treat.

In the Suzanne Arnold Community Booth on May 16 and May 23 will be the Sequim Rotary.

On May 23, the Sunbonnet Sue Club also will be present. Come learn about these important community organizations.

See you at the market!