Green grows would boost business

I was reading “Letters to the Editor” in the Feb. 26 edition and it left me baffled.

I was reading “Letters to the Editor” in the Feb. 26 edition and it left me baffled. One reader was complaining about how a marijuana grow operation was trying to buy land close to his home and went on to say he was concerned about “protecting the children where they live.” Exactly how does he think a completely enclosed, highly protected “grow area” that would be located completely INSIDE A BUILDING is going to corrupt the children in his neighborhood?

It is not like there would be illicit marijuana sales going on just outside any building like this … completely the opposite: These people are investing a lot of money in their permits, their growing operations and security to protect their investments. They would not jeopardize their business and their permits by allowing illicit and illegal sales to go on near their business location. If anything, businesses like this would help get rid of the illicit sales of marijuana that are going on in Sequim (Yes, they happen here, right now).

I think people are having such a knee-jerk reaction to this new industry (that most of the registered voters in this state voted for) that now people aren’t thinking the issues through logically and aren’t making informed decisions or public statements. Let’s all get informed and be pro-active, instead of being reactive before becoming informed.

Having legal grow operations and legal retail sales in Sequim will bring new businesses (and possibly even new tax income) to Sequim and will help to get rid of the illicit and illegal sales that go on now. That is something I think we all agree would be a good thing.

Rebecca Davidson