Letter to the editor — Jan. 27, 2021

Schools need our support with levy votes

On Feb. 9 voters within the boundaries of Sequim School District will vote in a levy election. I encourage all voters to support the two propositions.

The proposed amounts will levy property taxes $1.87 per $1,000 of assessed values in 2022 and will increase to $1.89 over four years. This rate is actually a decrease in the levy that is currently $1.96. It is also a levy amount below the allowable ceiling set by the state.

One of the propositions is for educational programming and operations, and the other addresses improvement of school facilities.

A healthy school system has everything to do with a healthy community. This comes at a time when districts have been doing all they can to help our students move forward, and are facing tremendous challenges to deliver education safely and to help students catch up and carry on. We need to support our schools and our community!

Please vote yes on both measures.

Mary Morgan


Thank you for vaccine efforts

On Jan. 19, my wife and I got our first of two COVID vaccine shots. For all the rumors of Clallam County “anti-vaxxers,” they aren’t apparent.

On Jan. 14, we found the waiting line was from QFC up East Washington Street to the U.S. Highway 101 junction at 8 a.m. On our second try on Jan. 19, we were up at 3 a.m. and parked in line on South Blake Avenue before 4 a.m. The event was posted “closed” at 4:38 a.m.

This letter to the editor is to express a sincere thank you to all involved in this invaluable community endeavor, including the Jamestown Family Health Clinic, all the selfless volunteers who guide the cars in the dark, prepare all the facilities and paperwork in the middle of the nights, and organize the shot facilities needed for the free injections to our residents, the assistance of Sequim Police officers and Fire Department EMTs, Community Emergency Response Team members, City of Sequim staff and the Trinity Methodist Church for its many accommodations (e.g., sanitizing stations, paper towels and Toilet paper, parking lots, port-a-potties, other facilities).

This is a well-organized operation, and all it “costs” the shot recipients is a few hours of time, a few hours of sleep and (maybe?) a gallon of gasoline.

To facilitate the process efficiency even more, shot appointments are now being taken.

Thank you to all for your service to the Sequim community! We, the people, are in your debt!

Richard Hahn


Cast vote for schools

We have gotten in your face evidence during the pandemic that our public schools are vital to our very social fabric. This is your chance to take a concrete action to support our democratic principles of opportunity for all.

Vote “Yes” for our schools.

Linda Benson


Thanks to Jamestown clinic

“Congratulations” echoed from volunteers and medical staff as we recently completed our drive-through for COVID-19 vaccinations in Sequim.

But let’s remember the utmost congratulations and thanks go to Jamestown Family Health Clinic for making this happen.

Montel Livingston


A big thank you to Jamestown S’Kallam Tribe, many others

If you received your COVID-19 vaccine in one of the recent drive-through events at Carrie Blake Community Park in Sequim, please join me in giving a big shout-out to the people who made this all possible: Jamestown S’Klallam Tribal public health for organizing and implementing the events, the Clallam County Health Department, the Sequim Police Department for directing traffic (especially at the chaotic scene on Day 1 on Washington Avenue), health care professionals who provided the injections and checked for post-op reactions, Sequim Trinity United Methodist Church which provided parking lots and bathrooms, and the hundreds of volunteers who directed cars in the parking lots.

My husband and I were part of the 1,500 who did not go early enough in line on the first day, but we were successful on the second day. The organization on day two was wonderful. I thanked each person who helped us.

When I look back, 2020 was a hard year where we spent a lot of time at home and social distancing to help our families and the whole community stay healthy.

Looking forward, I see these vaccinations for our community members to be a good start for a better year.

Sharon Laska


‘Shock’, ‘distress’ over city council’s actions

I am writing to express my shock and distress over the actions of Sequim Mayor William Armacost and councilors Kincaid, Pence, and Larkin taken at the Jan. 11 city council meeting; specifically, the request for the resignation of Charlie Bush.

Charlie Bush has served this city with great integrity, vision and professionalism. I’ve always bragged to my friends and family who do not live in Sequim about the civil, respectful manner in which staff and elected officials coordinate and cooperate, to improve life in Sequim. The council’s recent actions are forcing me to reconsider that assessment.

Due to a series of cascading events only one of these elected officials — mayor Armacost — was duly elected. Councilors Kincaid, Pence and Larkin have not been on the council long enough to have learned the mechanics of good governance, so I can only assume they are kindred spirits to Mr. Armacost’s bizarre personal philosophy, and shared kinship with Save Our Sequim.

The cost to Sequim in loss of prestige, tourism, skilled administrative leadership, and loss of morale to the remaining staff, will soon reveal the damage the action has wrought.

These councilors will likely pay the price at election time; unfortunately, Sequim will pay the price for a much longer time.

A less than proud citizen of Sequim,

Marjorie Whitmore


Facility poses danger to community

Why is Sequim importing 250 active drug addicts from the entire region, without a vote from the public? Many things revolve in some manner about sex or money, and it does not seem the former is a reason. Why destroy Sequim bringing in 250 active drug addicts in our midst?

No complaint about the effort, but the location should not impact any neighborhood. Move it to a very rural location without affecting any community, regain the trust of the citizens and keep Sequim a delightful, charming and peaceful community. This really is the future of Sequim.

Some questions to consider: Once a patient receives their medication, then what? Do they board a bus and go home? Or are they permitted to wander around schools, churches, businesses and homes? Will they be COVID tested before boarding transport to our town? And will they be COVID tested before release into Sequim? Is it correct that patients are not permitted in the clinic if they are clean, without current drug addiction? If so, that means that up to 250 people imported from the entire region being brought to our town are active users? Why not place it at the current casino property?

The public is overwhelming against this, expressed by more than 2,500 signing a petition in opposition.

Will the city call for a vote and request it be moved if the public so expresses its clear protest?

Stuart Kiehl


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