Letters to the editor — Aug. 21, 2019

MAT concerns linger

Having read the article (“Tribe’s treatment center described,” Sequim Gazette, Aug. 14, page A-13) by Ron Allen, Jamestown S’Klallam CEO, I came away not reassured that our concerns about the MAT facility was a case of misunderstanding and overreaction as he believes.

He states that the clinic will be separated from residential neighborhoods. This is true if you measure in feet or inches!

He states that guidelines will not permit loitering on Mat facility campus. Strict rules! How about off campus in and around private neighborhoods and schools? More strict rules?

What Mr. Allen obviously doesn’t know and what the patients will is a way around the rules. I could see a clinic as proposed being helpful to the patients who would follow the “rules” and complete the program. It’s the dropouts, incorrigibles and bad actors who concern me — at large, and free to go wherever, not constrained by rules and looking for trouble.

And if the rules do not allow for loitering on campus this would imply patients must leave the campus and go hang out somewhere else. Maybe they could take the transit to Carrie Blake Park and play pickleball or shuffleboard. Just an idea to help integrate them into our warm, “inclusive” community with open arms!

Seriously, I have many more questions as I’m sure others do. We desperately need more time, transparency and involvement.

Respectfully, I do believe this is still our town! We should not hurry this. There’s a lot at stake and we cannot afford to get it wrong!

Gary Miller


Opposition is ‘fear-based’

Save Sequim from what? A treatment center? What a fear-based ridiculous notion. Why is Sequim, known for small town, heart-based community love, even listening to someone’s mistaken emotional outburst of ego-based nonsense?

Yes! Nonsense! I have done the research. There is no evidence of any community anywhere which experienced a raise in terrifying crime after welcoming a treatment center. Zero. Zilch. Neigh-bob. Nothing.

You know what does perpetuate a raise in crime? Statistically, new corporate corner stores who take over mom-and-pop stores … and … wait for it … new liquor stores.

While I am not suggesting people attack new liquor stores in a modern day expression of prohibition, all I am asking is that people think critically, instead of allowing someone else’s fears to control their otherwise common sense.

Common sense demands we compare a healing drug treatment center and its effects on addicts to the effects Alcoholic Anonymous has had on alcohol abuse in communities for nearly a century.

When Sequim’s collective, sweet, community uses common sense the only conclusion to reach is one of healing. SOS could also mean Save our Sanity.

Toni O’Connell

Port Angeles

Clinic proposal could be an election issue

Well, “circle the wagons,” Sequim citizens. The CEO of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe, Ron Allen, says: “It’s going to happen” (the drug rehab center) — no matter what the Sequim residents think?

Now you are seeing the “real” attitude of the tribal leadership. They are going to “help” the community by busing drug addicts into Sequim for treatment, while in the meantime, through their casino, are causing alcohol, gambling and marijuana addictions.

There are already two drug assisting treatment options in our area, and a third opening in Port Angeles.

When the question of where the patients will go after treatment, the tribe explained that they would establish strict rules to prevent loitering, but no explanation as to “what” these rules would be. After the patient’s methadone treatment, would they be allowed to wander Sequim, and possibly panhandle our women and children for drug money in the Costco parking lot?

One good idea: Our city councilor, Ted Miller, proposed a three-month moratorium to review zoning requirements and the allowed uses, to determine what conditional use permits are needed. But the city council voted it down, 4-3.

If this drug rehab center (MAT) is approved by the Sequim City Council, I hope we will all remember that when we vote for or against them next election.

Travis Williams


You are Sequim’s first line of defense!

Please read these two articles to be better informed.

1. Suboxone is the drug to be administered at the new “Wellness Campus” coming to Sequim and located by Costco. (www.marylandaddictionrecovery.com/the-dangers-of-long-term-suboxone-use)

2. The 50 or 60 percent of patients who are not helped by the suboxone treatment will markedly increase Sequim’s homeless population as has happened in many other small towns. (www.ocregister.com/2017/12/17/are-drug-rehab-centers-fueling-homelessness-in-southern-california)

It is time for you to take a stand. Contact Sequim City Council members. Voice your opinion!








John Mackay


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