Letters to the editor — Aug. 8, 2018

‘Resounding no’ on Carlsborg proposal

This is a letter referring to an article concerning the proposed development of 66-trailer/mobile homes at the corner of Atterberry and Hooker roads (“Hearing Examiner denies Carlsborg manufactured home park, again,” Sequim Gazette, page A-1). This matter has been arbitrated in court now between the developer and the concerned surrounding residents for over a year.

The residents do not want this development in the proposed area. But after a denial a second time by the court appointed hearings examiner, the residents are pleased.

We now find that in order to pay for the extension of the Carlsborg sewer project to the corner of the proposed site (done in the middle of the night) Mary Ellen Winborn, director of the Clallam County Department of Community Development, is encouraging further mitigations along with other county officials to appeal and resubmit yet another hastily-jumbled proposed site plan.

Please we elected you and we have spoken — the answer is a resounding no to this proposal.

Donna Maclean


Consider Hayden for judge

Sequim residents have a golden opportunity to elect a judge who has given her energy and talents tirelessly to our community for decades. Judicial candidate Suzanne Hayden has 23 years experience practicing in our local courts – Adult/Juvenile Superior Courts, District Courts I and II, Adult/Juvenile Drug Courts and the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribal Court. Ms. Hayden has seen what works well and what doesn’t work well for our community and stands ready, willing and able to serve from the bench.

For those who have listened to Ms. Hayden at the various forums and panels, Hayden has specific plans to save taxpayer money while exercising responsible justice. She is firm but collaborative. She seeks to transform District Court I into an efficient, cost-effective instrument of justice that will help move people out of the revolving door of repeated offenses and towards productive lives that benefit all of us.

Hayden’s deep commitment to community service is commendable. From helping our youth (past Board Member for The Answer For Youth), to the disabled (Clallam Mosaic), to professionals (past President of the Clallam County Bar Association), to her neighbors (Neighborhood Watch), Hayden gives her time and energy to making our community better.

Hayden respects all of us – regardless of our background or economic condition. She will make decisions from the bench based on the law without political or personal interference.

We never know when we will found ourselves in Court. But with Hayden as our local District Court I judge, we know that if that time comes, we will be treated fairly and with respect.

Please vote for Suzanne Hayden for District Court I.

Andrew Shogren


Vote out the Dems

I love it: instead of funding the wall, Congress is tied up in legislation reducing prison sentences for drug-pushers.

To the liberals, the most evil drugs available are tobacco and alcohol. The worst combination is alcohol sipped through a plastic straw. Marijuana and heroin are cool, baby!

Besides valor, petroleum and ammunition, the other three substances which led to victory in WWII were tobacco, alcohol and coffee.

The only way to save our country is to break the hegemony of liberalism threatening our culture, no matter how one feels individually.

My take: Removing Democrats from office is our salvation. The open socialism of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the avowed ideology of the Democrats. I have yet to hear any Democrat in any elected office disavow her statements.

Vote in the August primaries and in the November mid-terms!

Ethan Harris


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