Letters to the Editor — Dec. 7, 2022

COVID perspective

Our health officer, Dr. Berry, keeps telling us that getting vaccinated and boosted will help protect us from getting, transmitting, and dying from COVID-19. Her own reports of who has been dying from COVID admit they are mostly vaccinated individuals with co-morbidities.

My own anecdotal evidence is that my sons, one of whom was vaccinated and one not, both got COVID within a week of each other. Both had exactly the same symptoms, severity and duration. Now 58 percent of deaths from COVID nationwide are people who have been vaccinated. (August 2022 statistics; The Washington Post)

It seems we as a country took the wrong path in preventing the pandemic.

We didn’t allow early treatment.

We didn’t allow the use of alternative drugs.

We didn’t allow discussion of any alternatives like naturally boosting our immune systems.

We censored doctors who disagreed.

So in my humble opinion, I have done the “fact checking” and consider the whole COVID-19 official narrative debunked.

Mark A. White

Port Angeles

Picking up the tab

I was walking through Carrie Blake Park on Nov. 18 and observed the Sequim Food Bank giveaway. I was impressed by how nice the majority of the vehicles were — $40,000-$50,000 trucks, a Volvo station wagon, etc. One vehicle even had custom plates.

I overheard people in the nearby dog park talking about the same thing I observed: “I can see if it was an old Ford Escort or something, but look how nice those cars are … “

Most certainly they were nicer than the 2007 car I drive. But the best part of the show, and I could not make this up, was that Steve Miller’s “Take the Money and Run” was playing on a loudspeaker to entertain the poor souls as they picked up their welfare snacks.

I hope no tax dollars contributed to this farce, but I suspect we all ended up paying for some of this one way or the other.

Brian Pickering