Letters to the Editor — Dec. 8, 2021

Always remember Pearl Harbor

Eighty years ago yesterday (Dec. 7) the imperial Japanese Navy, without a declaration of war or warning of any kind attacked, by air, the United States military installations at Pearl Harbor in Oahu, Hawaii.

Much damage was done and more than 2,400 Americans were killed.

This act, “A date that shall live in infamy” declared then President Franklin Roosevelt precipitated the United States into World War II. The salient outcome of the war was that the United States emerged as the world’s first benign hegemon with all the responsibilities attached thereto.

Daily the ranks of the American “greatest generation” grow thinner and the events of that time become the dust of history.

The policies of the present American administration place us and the world in grave danger because those responsibilities accrued are being ignored and in some cases abrogated.

It is time to “Remember Pearl Harbor” and realize that “we stand in need of prayer.” The United States, God bless her.

Ethan Harris


More details needed about proposed transfer station/recycling center

The Old Mill Café is 249.33 meters from the edge of the property proposed for the new dump, not almost a mile. It is directly across from the existing Carlsborg Post Office, a beneficial community asset.

The conditional use application should not be approved without mitigation for 513 extra vehicles on Carlsborg, for detrimental impacts on all businesses and neighbors within the area, and for the Olympic Discovery Trail.

Will they be required to install signal lights at the bicycle crossing and clean the moss off the newly-shaded trail?

There has never been a dump constructed anywhere that does not create offensive smells, dust, noise and an increase in vectors and birds.

Will Port Angeles trash be accepted?

Will the dump be required to use street sweepers/magnets and hand litter pick-up to clean up Carlsborg Road?

Will the dump be required to close when it reaches 120 tons per day of inbound trash?

Will the permit require the dump operators to clean the trash deck each day?

Will all loads, public and private be covered?

Will a property valuation impact study be completed to determine the reduction of value of the surrounding properties if the dump is permitted?

Will a traffic impact survey be required? Will a signal light be installed at the exit to the facility at the expense of the applicant?

Will vehicles be permitted to turn left coming from the north and exiting the industrial loop road onto Carlsborg?

Sam Chandler