Letters to the Editor — Dec. 9, 2020

Replace hate with kindness

Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in the November election by nearly seven million more votes. At the time of the election, more than a dozen investigations and civil suits involving Trump were underway. He has famously survived an impeachment, two divorces, six bankruptcies, 26 accusations of sexual misconduct, and several thousand lawsuits.

I am dismayed that 74 million voters thought this man should remain America’s President while he spews false allegations, messages of hate and division and dismantles the fundamental pillars of our democracy.

Aren’t you tired of hating half of Americans? I want to end the tumultuous path we have been on for four years. I am looking forward to improved world conditions and an improved playing field in how we get along and care for each other while we’re all inhabiting our planet.

I’m looking for more kindness from every single individual. Will you help me make that investment in our future? Kindness is free; sprinkle that stuff everywhere.

William Biery


Risks from clinic downplayed

Drug distribution facilities such as the proposed Sequim medication-assisted treatment (MAT) clinic have been in communities throughout the U.S. for years.

Many Sequim transplants have come from some of these communities. Having talked with several of these citizens and having first hand knowledge ourselves, we know what a high risk these facilities represent.

The tribe, city council and even our chief of police seem determined to downplay — or worse, not even consider — these risks in the approval process.

Seeing how this whole drug distribution process has been fast-tracked without any community (citizen input), it is difficult to see anything resembling fair play and justice for our city.

When the dust settles, we will be left with a significant number of drug addicts, the high crime and mess they will create, and overwhelmed city services.

Once the MAT is established, it will be here to stay regardless of its negative impacts. But the tribe will make a lot of money from this dubious scheme.

Bob and Carole Travis


Mask restriction efforts fall short

Obviously it is apparent that empirical evidence has utterly destroyed the theory that wearing face coverings somehow stops the spread of China Virus infections.

Yet this causes our so called medical experts and government officials (well-meaning one supposes, but disruptive to the lives and livelihoods of thousands) to nevertheless double down on their restrictions in a futile attempt to prove themselves right.

Ethan Harris


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