Letters to the Editor — Feb. 8, 2023

U.S. should do more to fight global poverty

Having read the Jan. 26 Sequim Gazette article about Sen. Patty Murray’s promotion of a $1.85 billion bill that would boost support for the Child Care and Development Block Grant, I would like to make a small note on the U.S.’s activity in supporting impoverished children and families along the world.

I thank Sen. Murray for supporting this increase in federal spending for our nation’s struggling families. We need to make sure we and our government give ample support to those that lack ample economic opportunities to comfortably provide for their families.

However, I would also encourage Sen. Murray and her colleagues in the Senate to consider increasing the amount of money directed towards fighting global poverty. In a world where many families are stuck in chronic poverty, the U.S. stands out as one of the most developed and wealthy countries in the world. Despite this, we give barely 1 percent of our total budget to supporting the world’s impoverished. To put that into perspective, the U.S. spends more than 10 percent of its total budget on its military alone.

Though America certainly needs to take care of her own first, I believe that we can be doing more with our budget to support the fight on global poverty.

I encourage Sen. Murray to focus more on this sector of our global economic policy, and thank her for the proactivity she has shown in caring and providing for those who are impoverished, both at home and abroad.

Elijah Beglyakov


Less legislation better than bad legislation

I’ve been stopped by the sheriff, game warden and U.S. Coast Guard in my boat. Guess what they don’t care about? My Washington State Boater Education Card. I hand it to them. They don’t want it. Why am I mandated to have it?

Our state government keeps passing gun control legislation. Is there proof any of it has done what was intended? Unless what was intended was to impair my right to keep and bear arms in defense of myself and my state, these bills do nothing.

Now I hear they want to stop pulling people over for non-moving violations, like expired tabs or talking on your cell phone while driving. Wait, that last one was pushed through with the promise that we wouldn’t be pulled over for it. That didn’t last long did it? But they are going to keep that one.

Have you noticed your gas prices? They are climbing because of the tax imposed for no other reason than to raise gas prices, so you buy less. Is that what Congress is there for?

What, you may ask, am I whining about? Our government is working every day to be more and more intrusive in our lives. Not passing legislation is better than passing useless or harmful legislation.

Write your congressman and tell him to knock it off.

Mark A. White

Port Angeles