Letters to the editor — Jan. 15, 2020

Time remains to ‘Save Our Sequim’

After a long slumber the good citizens of Sequim are awakened!

Where did all these people come from? It looks as though they were just dropped off on our doorstep to be cared for!

Our bus stops are noticeably overcrowded and litter is scattered everywhere.

Beggars are on every major intersection holding signs asking for help or money.

Nor does our once quaint downtown look the same. Many of the specialty shops and eateries have closed or have been replaced with classless, uninspiring enterprises often found in strip malls.

The benches along the shopping district now serve as a bed for those who have none and shopping carts are filled with everything but merchandise.

Tents, old motorhomes and travel trailers have solved the city’s homeless problem. Alternative housing at it’s finest!

Our once beautiful city parks are now a refuge for idle people in treatment programs needing a place to hang out or camp.

Volunteers no longer come to garden and help with the chores as a profusion of discarded rubbish and drug paraphernalia have made maintenance unsustainable and unsafe.

The park restrooms provide a nice warming center but frequent vandalism renders them unusable for their intended purpose.

A significant increase in criminal activity keeps citizens on guard and fearful of strangers once regarded with openness and trust!

This nightmare is very real to many other communities, and some not so far away as we know.

We still have time to “Save Our Sequim”!

Gary Miller


Claim is ‘destructive’

I am a retired psychologist who provided services to residents of Sequim for 18 years. Save Our Sequim’s claim that Sequim does not have enough addicts, so that the MAT clinic will need to “import” them, would be laughable if it were not so destructive.

I am deeply grateful the the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe for persevering to create this urgently needed, state-of-the-art Healing Center despite ignorant opposition from people who are in deep denial.

Marian Birch

Port Angeles

Lack of praise for military action shows hypocrisy

General Qasem Soleimani was a leader of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran. He conducted extraterritorial clandestine operations and is responsible for the deaths of more than 600 Americans and wounding many thousands more — and many thousands of deaths in several countries in the Middle East since 1998 — until his death Jan. 3 by a U.S. air strike.

He was the senior “terrorist” for Iran. It is well documented that Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. The world is most certainly a better place because of Soleimani’s demise. He died under justifiable, very appropriate circumstances.

But wait: Many liberals, including many Democrat lawmakers, are very critical of this bold action authorized by President Trump! Forty-five top leaders of Islamic terror groups were taken out during the Obama administration. There was praise for Obama. But when Trump is commander-in-chief, it’s a different story. More elite hypocrisy from the intolerant left – individuals and news media. Perhaps they can’t help themselves.

Not to worry, though; Trump’s second term ends January 2025. It will be here before Trump haters know it.

Richard Lohrman