Letters to the Editor — Jan. 24, 2024

Can we protect our election system?

In the state of Washington one can register to vote simply by checking a box on a voter registration form and attesting to U.S. citizenship. These forms are easily obtained, such as when obtaining a driver’s license, applying for food stamps or other government assistance.

Although it is stated on the form that there is a penalty for providing false information, there are really no checks to guard against this fraud. Fourteen states and the District of Columbia have adopted this type of voter registration. (ncsl.org)

Arizona, which checks to ensure U.S. citizenship, was able to safeguard the integrity of its 2020 state elections but had no authority to follow up on almost 6,000 federal-only votes cast without proof of citizenship for the presidential elections there.

Registration for federal-only elections requires nothing more than a sworn statement attesting to citizenship as per the 1993 National Voter Registration Act.

Arizona, because of its bifurcated voting law, was able to separate out the unqualified votes, but what about states like ours which have no real checks?

There are now nearly six million new arrivals to our shores who have no right to vote. How will our voting systems be protected should even a fraction of them decide to ignore the law and vote anyway?

How can we have confidence in our elections if no one is keeping track?

Jeffrey Schreck

Port Angeles

Let’s avoid a dictatorship

Kudos to Rich Snow of Sequim for his spot-on letter entitled “Support our Constitution, democracy, rule of law” (Sequim Gazette, Jan. 17, Page A-7). I agree there are good Republicans. Mike Pence did his part on Jan. 6, 2021, when he confirmed the free and fair 2020 election results.

We are grateful to the U.S. Capitol officers who died protecting our capitol. What is unforgivable is Trump encouraging the mob to storm the U.S. Capitol and harm our Capitol officers and elected officials.

When Trump said to the insurrectionists on Jan. 6 “fight like hell,” they did with dire consequences. When the insurrectionists chanted “hang Mike Pence,” the former President said Pence “deserves it,” according to White House aides. Trump’s final message to the insurrectionists on Jan. 6 was “we love you, you’re very special.”

Among other things, Trump took classified documents from the White House and stored them at his personal residence. This action put the nation’s security at risk.

If Trump is elected for a second presidential term, he wants total immunity from criminal prosecution. Trump states even if this means he would “cross the line.” This doesn’t sound like a person who should lead anything, let alone a country.

Didn’t we fight the Revolutionary War to remove ourselves from tyranny? Liz Cheney warns us that Americans are “sleepwalking into a dictatorship.” Don’t forget Trump’s words and actions when it’s time to vote. Vote for the person who will lead us into the future, not a dictatorship.

Renee Jones