Letters to the editor — July 1, 2020

Questions remain with sewer project payment

I’m writing in response to the June 17 letter (“explanation required on sewer project”) and comments that followed, about leniency given to the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe on almost $1.6 million debt owed to the City of Sequim.

In his comment, W. Ron Allen of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe says the debt wasn’t paid due to the “economic uncertainly of COVID-19.” David Garlington of the City of Sequim said the tribe was “struggling with significant losses due to COVID-19.”

Going back to the Dec. 21, 2018 Peninsula Daily News, Mr. Allen says he “anticipates the project breaking ground in February of next year at a cost of about $8.5 million.”

The tribe received an $8.5 million USDA loan for this project. Great! That should cover it.

A June 2, 2020 KONP article states, “a balance of approximately $1.6 million dollars has been due to the city since the Spring of last year.”

Two questions: How can non-payment be blamed on COVID-19, which occurred almost a year after payment was due? And how was payment not made no matter what the situation, when a loan was given for the full amount of the project?

I agree with the June 17 letter writer; an explanation is needed.

Kathy Trainor

Port Angeles

Culture, twisted

It occurred to me that in our present culture based upon the insanity of “racism” That a piano will now be considered “racist” because pianos have far more white keys than black keys, I think the ratio is 4 to 1 — something must be done. Piano playing is racist; it has been called “tickling the iIvories” and black keys are never referred to. All likenesses of Al Jolson must be destroyed forthwith and his name stricken from the annals of American folk music. “Showboat” has to go along with “Song of the South,” ad infinitum.

If you believe this is a little far-fetched, consider this: L’Oréal just announced it is removing the word “whitening” from all it’s product literature.

Ethan Harris


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