Letters to the Editor — July 10, 2019

Biased letters broaden divide

In the June 26 Gazette there was a lengthy letter to the editor that had much incorrect and misleading information (“Democrat leaders responsible for border mess,” page A-10). I feel that publishing such letters only serves to continue to create divisiveness among groups that are already very divided and intolerant of each other.

Political letters are absolutely necessary, but instead of flaming the fires with information from biased sources, I think that the writer has the responsibility to provide neutral sources for such information.

And I think the Gazette has the responsibility to publish only letters that provide those sources.

Our country has become so divided that hate and anger are causing governmental dysfunction, not to mention the rancor that flares up between neighbors/friends over political differences.

So rather than stoke the flames, let’s have responsible letter-writing and responsible publishing. Thank you.

Judith Pasco


Volunteering has added so much to my life

On Wednesday, July 3, the local newspapers had a great “supplement” about our community.

A special article encouraging volunteerism at the Boys and Girls Club focused on the variety of ways we can each make a difference in the lives of the kids there … even 30-60 minutes/week matters.

What I would like to share is why my time at the B&G Club has changed my life because of the joys and challenges that I experience with the children I go there to help.

They have improved my concentration, creativity, happiness, memory, and hopefully my humility. I feel needed and wanted and realize I have a lot of potential left despite getting a bit older!

Most of the parents of the kids at the B&G Club work full-time jobs and spend quality time with their kids; but one-on-one with a patient senior/retiree outside their home can improve the quality of education and life experience of the young.

When I first applied at the B&G Club I had no idea my life would be so changed for the better. I hope you find that there for yourself.

Barb Paschal


Welcome or goodbye?

Having witnessed the plethora of California vehicles on our roads, one wonders if they are visiting or escaping.

Ethan Harris


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