Letters to the Editor — July 28, 2021

Motorcyclists: Choose safety this summer

Right now, motorcyclists are taking in the beauty of our Washington summer. Whether you ride or know someone who does, it’s assuring to know that most Washington adults agree that we all share a responsibility for safety on our roadways.

As a traffic safety professional, I want to share some data with you: Motorcycles account for just three percent of registered vehicles in Washington, but they’re involved 15 percent of fatal crashes. In 75 percent of motorcyclist-involved fatal crashes the rider is at fault; the two most common factors are speeding and impairment.

Even so, it’s safe to say that most riders follow traffic rules.

If you ride, you’re in control of your safety. You depend on your own skills, experience, training and judgment. You do it by wearing a helmet and the right gear, riding sober and choosing safe speeds. And this is key: don’t out-ride your talent.

Novice riders are over-represented in serious crashes; so take a class, train with an experienced rider, do what it takes to get good. Then you can truly enjoy the freedom that motorcycle riding offers.

Riding motorcycles isn’t a hobby; it’s a craft. It takes continuous practice to be an excellent rider.

Josh Ley

Region 1 Target Zero Manager

Clallam County Sheriff’s Office

Vote for Rogers

You have received your ballot for the primary election. I would encourage you to support Karen Rogers for the open Hospital Commissioner position.

She is well qualified because of her years of familiarity with and support of Olympic Medical Center operations through her work with the OMC Foundation.

Her business background, financial acumen, community service passion, and legislative advocacy experience are needed for this position. She will be a community/patient representative bringing needed diversity to the board … the board already has enough health care worker representation with two nurses and one doctor. Karen brings balance.

She has spent a great deal of time studying the role and responsibilities of a commissioner and has been attending board meetings for months. She is a strong leader.

Please vote Karen Rogers for OMC Commissioner, At-Large position.

Marian Trebon


Loud plane noises pose health hazard

The current AARP Bulletin reports serious health issues in its headline “Loud Noise: The Not-So-Silent Killer Is Back.” The article notes that noise exposure “increases your risk of severe stroke by 30 percent, while living in a quiet, green area can reduce it by up to 25 percent.”

Why then is the wing walker plane noise permitted to create an environment noise health hazard by its frequent noise disturbing the community?

Why do they refuse to fly further offshore or install mufflers?

Why do we have to listen to a flying Harley Davidson or stock car with straight pipes?

Betcha lots of folks coming to the area for peace and quiet go home with not very positive memories of being disturbed during their visit.

Stuart Kiehl