Letters to the Editor — July 6, 2022

Still misinformed

Mr. White (Letters to the Editor, Sequim Gazette, June 29, page A-12) is, again, misinformed. I am a “he” not a “she.”

Severne Johnson


‘Best day for the unborn’

Yesterday (June 23) the Democrats lost a big one. Number one on the Democrat agenda was the right to unfettered abortion upon demand to escape the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy caused by irresponsible sexual behavior.

Democrats should all go and thank their mothers for having a baby instead of an abortion.

Democrats feared the overturn of Roe v Wade more than Nuclear Armageddon.

I am constantly amazed by the arrogance of those who have been granted the gift of life believing they have the right to deny that gift to others.

Yesterday was the very best day for the unborn. God Bless them.

Ethan Harris


An ethical decision

Ostentatious flaunting by the super-rich corrupts our culture.

Envying people’s success usually isn’t a trait of mine, though my impossible dream of traveling to all earth’s wonders – natural and people derived – lingers.

MacKenzie Scott, billionaire philanthropist, inspires good works and generosity.

ExxonMobil corporation, CEOs and stockholders, on the other hand, promote the worst pollution onto our world and minds to obtain opulently profitable monopoly. Equatorial Guinea fell prey to the extended Obiang family which exemplified a self-aggrandizing disregard for decency, using illegally and brutally acquired wealth. They’ve plundered oil production for personal gain while impoverishing the population, eliminating social, economic, and political institutions, and executing rivals. Despots benefited by money laundered through Riggs Bank. ExxonMobil has abandoned any ethical responsibility in that destructive partnership.

On a local level, flagrant greed and malice flourish in some of our businesses. The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries reported about 3,000 complaints filed in 2021 by victims of fraud and abuse. How many thousands didn’t file complaints? Our senior population, hurt by these cunning hucksters, are prime targets.

When business owners choose this slippery slope, they drub their young workers’ characters, ruining their integrity.

Justice system legal procedures to overcome widespread dishonesty and transgressions need improvement.

Our liberal democratic-republic’s cornerstones include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for individuals. The responsibility to be competent, ethical, and fair rests in the hands of business owners. Otherwise, more regulations and serious, enforced consequences are required.

Gayle Brauner

Port Angeles