Letters to the Editor — June 1, 2022

Stand for our flag

The Irrigation Festival Parade began with a large group from the Sequim Sunrise Rotary proudly holding the American flag aloft as they marched.

I am still filled with pride when I see this representation of not only our country but of all the men and women who have served in our military.

Washington Street was lined with people visiting in chairs, watching the parade go by. Several opportunities were presented for these people to stand up and share their respect for both their nation and for those who served it. Cars and floats went by carrying veterans from many of our conflicts.

Sadly, very few stood each time the flag passed by. I will continue to stand, hand over my heart, each and every time the opportunity presents itself.

Kathy Mahnerd


Community comes through for Ukraine

When Mariia Bush told Neil Conklin about her family and how they were being impacted, along with others, by the war in Ukraine, they never guessed that it would lead to a successful funding raising event.

On April 19, Ukraine at the Table was held at Bella Italia in Port Angeles. The key volunteers — Bush, Conklin, chef Laurette Feit and auction coordinator Sharon DelaBarre — mounted an event that ultimately raised more than $30,000 from the dinner, auction and direct donations for the identified charities: World Central Kitchen, Razom for Ukraine and Come Back Alive.

Bella Italia donated the facility and chef Feit created an authentic Ukrainian dinner and local farms donated vegetables and other items. Bush’s father helped with the setup, her daughters helped with the decorations. Two dinner seatings fed more than 120 people. A limited number of take-out meals were available. Servers, bartenders, and kitchen staff all volunteered their time. The Bella wait staff also donated all their tips to Mariia’s sisters who are still in Ukraine. Others volunteered with design, loaned equipment and advance promotion.

A silent auction saw 33 artists and donors provided more than 40 items featuring original works of art, theatrical and vacation experiences, artisan breads, meals, wine and more. The auction raised more than $4,600.

This event showed what a caring community we live in. The group hopes to keep the momentum going by maintaining a presence via Borscht soup sales at area Farmers Markets, the sale of special T-shirts for The Olympic Peninsula Legion for Defense of Ukraine, and possible other special events. All work is volunteered, and all proceeds will go to feed and help Ukrainians stay safe.

We want to thank all of the artists, donors, volunteers and participants who made this a success!

Those interested in donating to the fundraising effort can do so by making a donation to the Ukraine at the Table account at Sound Community Bank, or by mailing a check, made out to Mariia Bush, Ukraine at the Table, to P.O. Box 545, Sequim, WA 98382.

For more information, email to ukraineatthetable@gmail.com or visit facebook.com/groups/ukraineatthetable.

Organizers of Ukraine at the Table

Flawed from the outset

Roe vs. Wade may soon be overturned. This was a flawed Supreme Court decision from the beginning. As a man, I was willing to leave women’s health to the woman and her doctor. As a conservative, I don’t want to push my opinion upon anyone else.

But then as a taxpayer, I was forced to pay for abortions through Planned Parenthood. More than $600 million of our tax dollars per year recently went to a private nonprofit.

Now I have an opinion. I oppose abortion, but especially after the first trimester. There are people pushing for abortion right up till the time of birth, and even after. Using tax dollars infringes on the rights of those with religious objections, and forces them to pay for the abortion to which they object. “My Body, My Choice,” except that the baby’s rights have been forgotten. “My Body, My Choice” until it comes to vaccine mandates, then it’s “My Body, Your Choice.”

The inconsistency in that logic gives me the right to have my opinion about abortion be heard. As long as your abortion wasn’t in my face and you didn’t demand I pay for it, I kept my opinion to myself. But if you are militant about it, and want me to pay for it, expect pushback.

I applaud our Supreme Court.

Mark A. White

Port Angeles