Letters to the Editor — June 8, 2022

Again and again and again

Yep, it’s happened again. This time in Texas. And while people were mourning those shot and murdered in that shooting, 12 more mass shootings occurred with more people murdered (washingtonpost.com).

We are fortunate here in Washington state that we passed Initiative 1639. Because of that law, what happened in Texas would not have happened here because the teenage shooter wouldn’t have gotten the guns the way he did. That proposition passed with almost 60 percent of the vote. This indicates that there are still a lot of individuals who are resisting common sense firearm regulations.

The Washington state legislature just passed some new regulations: a 10-round magazine ban, a ghost guns ban, banning firearms (including concealed guns) from election related places, from school board meetings, from municipal meetings and expanded red flag laws.

We are still lacking assault weapons bans and buybacks, background checks on body armor sales (give the cops a chance), banning open carry, instituting firearm intimidation laws, expanding gun free zones and requiring firearm safety education. None of these laws that just passed keeps you from buying your gun or takes it away from you. You just have to take responsibility for owning one.

The NRA, firearm manufacturers and other right wingers will do and say anything to fight these laws regardless of the price that everybody else has to pay.

Our love of our guns is a sick culture that exists only here in the U.S.

By the way, I am a responsible gun owner.

Stan Riddle


Thanks for the support

Dear Community, we were so pleased that so many of you came to our “We’re Back” concerts last month. Because of your affirmation and generosity, we will be able to continue to prepare music to share with you!

Thank you again so very, very much!

Karla Morgan, Peninsula Singers