Letters to the Editor — March 10, 2021

Vaccinations are worthwhile

Folks this goes out to all in our community who are hesitant to accept vaccination against COVID. Some of you are anti-vaxxers period, and this may not change your minds. But think about all the vaccines that have eliminated horrible disease such as polio, smallpox, etc.

Others however, have based their decisions on widely disseminated but scary YouTube videos, or other social media. What I have seen is one of the former, the host with no known credentials, in a split screen interview of some woman who claims to know some secret defect of the vaccine, again, with unknown credentials or evidence to support her claims, with so many holes in her arguments it was ludicrous.

It amazes me that many are prone to accept such unverifiable nonsense – simply because they enjoy the thought of knowing something that the mainstream does not. Welcome, conspiracy theorists.

All accredited sources have been very transparent about the workings, and possible side effects, of the vaccine. My spouse and I recently received our second shot – thank you, Jamestown. Yes, we experienced one or two of the published possible reactions, in our case fatigue and a headache for a day. Well worth the price.

By the way, the vaccine protects you, but you may still infect others. So to me, unless you have some underlying condition, not getting it is simply selfish and childish.

George Marshall


Right or wrong

I’m a recovering engineer and, having recently completed a 12-step program intended to disabuse myself of an unhealthy reliance upon logic and rational thinking, I eagerly contemplated joining the Democrat party.

But sadly I have taken a backward step or two of late because my inner engineer still wants to reduce situations to their basics in pursuit of a “right or wrong” answer.

For instance, strangely enough, Democrats think that biological boys – claiming to be girls – should have access to girl’s shower facilities and restrooms (familycouncil.org/?p=21004). Well, call me crazy but, as the father of girls, I think that’s just plain wrong.

Also, Democrats seem to be against border walls and some advocate actually removing them (npr.org, apnews.com). But without walls, hordes of under-educated and unemployable illegals will gain access to our country only to become burdens to our taxpayers. Again, this just seems wrong and, in the past, even Democrats, Joe Biden included, agreed it was wrong and voted overwhelmingly for the “Secure Fence Act” (govtrack.us/congress/votes/109-2006/s262) — which, in effect, was a border wall.

Not to forget that the USA is now practically self-sufficient in energy consumption (wikipedia.com) but Democrats support relinquishing our recently acquired energy independence in favor of relying upon the “green energy” produced by solar panels and windmills which is minuscule at best (eia.gov) not to mention both prohibitively expensive and environmentally damaging.

While trying hard to be a democrat, these remnants of rational thought, plus my engineer’s reliance on right and wrong answers, continue to plague me.

Maybe I need a 14-step program …

Dick Pilling

Port Angeles

Seuss book de-listing spotlights ‘total ignorance’

The current disembowelment of our most cherished children’s books authored by “Dr Seuss” highlights the total ignorance of those who have mindlessly wrapped themselves around the current socialist political tool. Diversity buttered with a thick layer of inclusiveness! Sounds so sweet, honest and irresistible!

Those books brought many hours of joy and contentment to our children, especially on those cold, dark Alaska days while growing up.

I can imagine what phony liberal nonsense the “new” Department of Education will endorse to replace a timeless and endearing author that in no way is offensive or racially discriminating!

Gary Miller


The ‘gravest error’

“We the people” have committed the gravest error in the entire history of the United States. We have permitted government with its sordid, historical and continuing record of institutional incompetence and mismanagement to dictate our response to a deadly communicable disease, forgetting that we have dealt with communicable diseases before without ruining our entire culture.

The flu epidemic of 1917-1918 comes to mind. This virus kills, there is no doubt about that, but the leading cause of death in the United States is still heart disease and we have not destroyed our culture because of it.

We are all aware of the restrictions placed upon our lives by every petty tyrant extant in our society so there is no need to attempt to list them here. Suffice it to say, we have had enough and realize that the cure is worse than the disease.

It’s way past time that we regain control of our lives. Americans are not afraid of living for fear of dying.

I close with this lament: At my advanced age one begins to wonder if he has enough time remaining to ever again be blessed with viewing the unmasked faces of pretty girls.

Ethan Harris


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