Letters to the Editor — March 2, 2022

Cascadia Subduction State Park?

Having been absent from the area for a few months, I am just now catching up with the latest local news. Thanks to a neighbor I received the last edition of the Sequim Gazette and learned from page 1 about the plans for the Miller State Park (“Locals ask State Parks to curb development plans,” Feb. 16).

Phrases like “destination park, “central village lodging,” “interpretive displays” and “camping loops” jumped off the page at me.

On page 3 of the same edition the headline read “Geologists map 9.0 quake impact on Peninsula.” What caught my attention in that article were phrases like “ … devastating the entirety of the Olympic Peninsula,” inundation of 7 feet in some portions of Miller Peninsula” and ” … destroying portions of Highway 101.” The article ends with comments about “CERT members focusing on search and rescue.”

Unless I am missing something, it appears that the state of Washington wants to invest millions of dollars into an area that the state of Washington deems vulnerable to a potential catastrophic situation.

There is a park a mere hour away with all the desired amenities and infrastructure in place. It’s called the Olympic National Park! Let’s stick with that!

Kateri Schmerler