Letters to the editor — March 31, 2021

More pressure on precious resource

It seems like most years the City of Sequim asks us to conserve water in the late summer/early fall. I see a couple of housing developments going up within city limits. I hope the city has a plan to supply water to all those new homes.

The mountains and streams around here are not getting any bigger.

The saying goes, if you put more straws in a glass of water everyone gets less.

Robert Larsen


Vaccine resistance is puzzling

A mystery? After nearly 30 million COVID cases and almost 550,000 COVID deaths occurring in about one year in the USA, it seems many U.S. citizens still have decided they need no protections from this deadly virus?

Even though naysayer Donald Trump and his wife contracted the virus, still both were vaccinated for COVID before leaving the White House. As currently witnessed in Florida and several other states, many people do not wear protective masks, avoid social distancing, and avoid COVID vaccinations too.

Question: Why do these people play “Russian Roulette” with their lives, those of their children and others, when it is widely known COVID can cause an unimaginable death of “drowning in bed”?

This does not mention various deleterious long term COVID effects in some people, who have contracted the virus and “recovered” from it.

After the millions of U.S. people who have chosen to be vaccinated, those remaining not vaccinated and their children will still be susceptible to COVID. One wonders what motivates such chosen dire decisions, with all the scientific and medical knowledge publicly available on the benefits of being vaccinated, e.g., avoiding hospitalization and/or serious illness.

For many, it seems like a determined, voluntary death wish.

Richard Hahn


Threats from White Christian nationalism

After Christian flags, signs and slogans mentioning God, Jesus and the Bible were displayed at the siege of our U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 by domestic terrorists, Christian denominations are decrying the misuse of Christianity to promote insurrection.

Hiding behind symbols of faith lurks a cynical, destructive movement advancing white supremacist, far-right extremist ideologies and dominance – White Christian nationalism. It’s gaining power over one political party as its battering ram against our form of government and our civil rights.

Most of the Christian community warns that the separation of church and state is necessary, that we don’t have to be Christians to be good Americans, and this nefarious movement isn’t representative of Christianity. An alarm is ringing about the recruitment of young Christians to join this stratagem of prejudiced, hateful, aggressive acts against targeted “enemies.”

In our country, this skulking movement uses disinformation and tactics of propaganda such as fear-mongering and lies, to cause division amongst our people over various issues: vaccine and pandemic safety measures; gun rights; reproductive decisions; Black Lives Matter and police reform; public schools; voting rights; immigration; opioid addiction; the 2020 elections, and so on.

The Biden/Harris administration passed the popular American Rescue Plan to stop the pandemic, to help us recover financially and emotionally. Our justice system is holding domestic terrorists accountable.

We have renewed hope. We do our part by confronting the advancement of unpatriotic influence in our own communities.

Gayle Brauner

Port Angeles

Pot grows do not belong near schools

Do not let them put marijuana fields or green houses in residential area or near schools. Look up the problems in Carpinteria, Calif. Because of the constant smell, the kid’s in school have to deal with headache’s, and getting sick. People try to sell their house’s and no one want that smell in their home all the time.

Sharon O’Reilly


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