Letters to the Editor — May 31, 2023

District losing my support

My family moved to Sequim in 2007. We chose our house carefully so my children could attend Greywolf Elementary School, and we have been pleased with the education my daughter is receiving there.

Next year, my son will start kindergarten. For years we’ve been talking about the time when he will go to school with his big sister.

The Sequim School Board’s decision to turn Greywolf into a K-2 school and send my daughter to Helen Haller for fifth grade has dashed my little boy’s dream of starting his education with his big sister.

Like many parents, I’m not willing to have my children ride the bus more than an hour each way with inadequate supervision, so the reconfiguration means I’m supposed to drive my children to two different schools, adding 30 minutes to my morning commute and 30 minutes to my afternoon commute.

Our school board’s unwillingness to listen to the parents and teachers who have come out in opposition to this plan is unacceptable.

If this plan is implemented, I will not be sending my children to Sequim School District schools.

I will not support a district that does not listen to the overwhelming majority of parents and teachers, and will enroll my children in private school instead.

I’ve talked to many other families who have said similar things.

If this reconfiguration goes through, enrollment will fall dramatically, which will reduce funding, which will reduce the quality of education of all students in our district.

Our school board and superintendent need to listen and respond. It’s not too late to listen to reason and reverse this decision.

Bryan Adair


Protect Medicare

I attended a SHIBA workshop recently about Medicare, a benefit I have enjoyed for 28 years.

SHIBA (State Health Insurance Benefits Advisors), is run by the state Insurance Commissioner.

We had 12 people at the workshop in Carlsborg. Barb, the volunteer, was an informative presenter. Most of those present were 65 or about to be. So Barb’s advice on meeting enrollment deadlines were timely.

She spoke about Medicare Advantage (MA), that MA enrollees can only be treated by doctors in the MA “network.” If you travel out of “network,” only “emergency” care is provided.

I told the crowd MA enrollees must get a referral from MA providers to be seen by a specialist, unlike traditional Medicare. A Whidebey Island friend enrolled in MA, had a lump on his ear lobe. His doctor told him to see a dermatologist immediately.

His MA provider denied the referral. It took him seven months of appeals to get the denial reversed. The lump grew, become painful. Now he is fighting deadly melanoma. So “caveat emptor,” buyer beware!

Traditional Medicare needs improvement. Supplemental insurance costs me $178 monthly, does not cover eyeglasses, hearing aids, dental.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) has reintroduced her “Medicare for All” bill to cover everyone. Benefits will be expanded, supplementals and co-pays cut. Medicare is a precious benefit, paid for from a Trust Fund financed from a payroll tax on paychecks we earn. Protect it from Wall Street greed!

Tim Wheeler

Acting Chair, Voices for Health & Healing