Letters to the Editor — Nov. 22, 2023

Thanks to community for all of the support

There could not be a better time than now, with Thanksgiving around the corner, to extend our gratitude and sincere thanks to those in the community who support our organization.

Soroptimist International of Sequim would like to extend recognition and appreciation to Sequim Stow Places, Brisk Printing and Copies, Olympic Mailing & Printing Services and Computer Solutions with their constant support, so we may continue to support women and girls in our community.

Linda Klinefelter

Public Awareness, Soroptimist International of Sequim

Sequim Elks, Scouts honor our veterans

We were privileged to attend the Sequim Elk’s annual Veterans Day dinner.

The dinner was crowded with veterans from all of the U.S. military services. At our table was a Marine veteran, and Army veteran and two of us Air Force veterans.

We agreed after the flag presentation that we would all be back next year.

There is just something wonderful that makes you proud to stand and be recognized with the men and women who served in the same military service that you did.

My Marine pal Marty commented as we left the lodge that “we needed to thank both the Elks club members and the Scouts” who helped host the dinner.

He commented that it’s event like this dinner, and the people that make it happen, that makes this wonderful country of ours, worth fighting for.

Harlan Knudson


Bad math or reality?

The Nov. 8 letter “Alter Our Lives Based on This Math?” (Sequim Gazette, page A-9) questions the accuracy of rising sea level calculations using satellites. The truth is scientists don’t rely exclusively on satellites.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) says satellite data is combined with data from coastal tide gauges and mobile ocean sensors to provide a fuller picture of rising sea levels.

Tide gauges have been used to measure sea level for more than 130 years and satellites now complement this historical record (giss.nasa.gov).

If bad math is to blame for rising sea levels, why worry? Some people are very worried. The U.S. Navy has elevated and expanded several piers in Norfolk, Va., where aircraft carriers and other warships dock. Norfolk tidal gauge levels have risen more than 18 inches since 1927.

The Army Corps of Engineers has proposed a $52 billion project to construct giant sea gates across New York Harbor to protect the city from rising seas.

This year in Florida, even Gov. Ron DeSantis, a climate change skeptic, announced $300 million in disbursements for the Statewide Flooding and Sea Level Rise Resilience Plan.

Yes, the math is complex and not many of us understand it. But most of us understand things we can see and touch.

Alter our entire way of life due to bad math? No. But let’s not keep our heads in the sand as the tide washes over us.

Louis Kalmar