Letters to the Editor — Nov. 23, 2022

What voter intimidation looks like

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read “Ballot watchers unnecessary” (Letters to the Editor, Sequim Gazette, Nov. 9, page A-12). The writer states, without justification or proof, “The purpose of poll watching is simply to intimidate the voter and suppress the vote.” “Voter suppression” is a catch phrase from the left, routinely thrown around, but is increasingly found to be unfounded. Voting in many states has greatly increased recently.

This letter caused me to recall The Black Panther Party Intimidation Case that occurred during the 2008 voting cycle regarding an on-camera incident — shown on national television — of two Black Panthers party members wielding night sticks — deadly weapons — at an active voting location in Philadelphia. That’s voter intimidation.

The Black Panther Party is a far-left Marxist-Leninist and black power organization. This case was investigated by the Obama U.S. Department of Justice — and dismissed!*

Someone, anyone, sitting in an automobile near a polling drop box isn’t even remotely concerning compared to the above mentioned level of armed intimidation.

BTW: Hand salute to Sequim Police, Port Angeles Police, OPNET (Olympic Peninsula Narcotics Enforcement Team) and the Clallam County Sheriff’s Department for their hard work and sacrifices for our safety. U.S. democracy would, in fact, be at risk if we allowed or encouraged police to “check” on a citizen simply for sitting in an automobile in a parking lot.

Richard Lohrman


* — Editor’s note: Charges against one party member were dismissed, and reduced for the second member.

Kudos to Harbor Audiology

Last week’s (Nov. 9) Sequim Gazette, from it’s editorial page to the many events within this wonderful community, expressed a heartfelt “Thank You For Your Service” to all veterans.

Recently I visited the office of Harbor Audiology on North Fifth Avenue. My purpose was to find out what was wrong with my Veteran’s Administration provided hearing aids.

They help us veterans determine if our aids need to be repaired at a VA center in Denver, or if the problem can be solved here in Sequim.

My problem was quickly solved. The cord used for re-charging my ComPilot needed to be replaced. The ComPilot, a wireless gadget, connects my hearing aids to my cellphone and TV.

Harbor Audiology provides an additional service to veterans: If our hearing aids need repair, they fill out the VA form and mail the aids for the veteran for no charge.

With this letter I want to thank the folks at Harbor Audiology for the nice way they say to we veterans: “Thank You For Your Service.”

Harlan Knudson


What is courage?

Courage is doing the right thing. There are many examples of courage in our midst. Courage is exemplified by:

1) Our voluntary military, which protects all of us during international conflicts, and each military individual swears an oath to our Constitution;

2) The members of our health care community (nurses, doctors, various first responders), who tirelessly and bravely address pandemics and other disease treatments in hospitals, clinics, rest homes, et al;

3) The members of all our law enforcement agencies (police departments, sheriffs, FBI, Homeland Security, law courts and judges) who implement our Rule of Law;

4) Our election workers, who come to work (despite threats) to assure the peoples’ votes are safe and properly counted, as indicated on the ballots;

5) Every voter, who voted to preserve our democracy, despite various means of voter suppression and the myriad of election deniers running for office in many states, and despite personal voter threats by radicals; and,

6) The demonstrators for women’s rights to sexual and medical privacy, despite the SCOTUS (five prejudiced men) overturning the 50-year standing Roe v. Wade abortion decision, and the extreme abortion laws passed by several states forcing all pregnant women and girls to carry their fetus to term, regardless of the circumstances.

All U.S. citizens benefit by those who show their courage in various public ways, for which we all should be thankful on Thanksgiving day and every day! We are all so fortunate to live in the United States of America!

Richard Hahn